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  1. https://www.entertainmentearth.com/product/mobile-suit-gundam-rx7802-gundam-gffmc-action-figure/blfbas55797 https://www.entertainmentearth.com/product/mobile-suit-gundam-ms06s-chars-zaku-ii-gffmc-action-figure/blfbas57037
  2. POS, mine barely has any joint stability, can barely support its own weight and is floppy as hell
  3. i used dejapan as proxy since they are on bandai recommended list and support responded quickly to me, we will see how it goes
  4. Is it usually cheaper to do something like N-Y or work with a forwarder? Been using FromJapan as a forwarder for bit wondering if there are better options or cheaper options
  5. interesting, usually i can search and find others, but can't find others with it
  6. ditto where did you get it from?
  7. Is it still available? Got a link since its not on P Bandai anymore
  8. Looking to trade for other kits. figures, etc. I will entertain cash offers as well I have: PGs pg wing zero custom pearl coat maybe pg 00 and banshee as well MGs mg allie strike rm version mg sinanju ver ka mg zz ver ka RGs rg strike gundam rg johnny ridden zaku 2 1/144 koto 1/144 Wildwurger High Mobility Type 1/100 1/100 Gusion Snap Built (can include Rebake Snapped Armor too) Figures: metal build qan[t] metal build f91 harrison custom Parts 1/100 Barbatos Armor pieces snapped 1/100 Gusion Rebake Armor pieces snapped
  9. I would check around on the going rate for this for your pricing GLWS http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/39526
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