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  1. I still think @ChaoticYeti should sell the designs on Shapeways or another 3D printing site. Then he can still get $ for his work and not have to worry about the printing/distribution stuff.
  2. Yeah, I could easily duplicate what he's done so far w/ the acrylic stuff, but not gonna happen without his approval. Would be way douchy.
  3. If Yeti is down to share the files, I'm still down to make the acrylic bits/get them made.
  4. I can cut and etch 1/4" Acrylic. Would that be too thin? Bending might be a "buy a blow torch, try not to burn down the house" home project lol
  5. I got my own laser cutter so I could do the bases and the arms if I really had to. Real magic is in the bent and printed parts along with the pre-selected fasteners. Maybe if he doesn't return to direct manufacturing he can sell off the design files via Shapeways or some such.
  6. Grab some acrylic glue. Don't be a lazy crap like me and use superglue.
  7. I have more stands than I have room for. It's a good problem to have lol
  8. That video would've been useful a few hours ago I presume there's a Yeti adapter for the Arcadia adapter? In the mean time this'll just have to do,
  9. What's the best way to get the flight adapter on the 1/60 VF-0D? I don't have the manual I'm not sure if it should go on by sliding it on the arms or forcing the clips on. Edit: Eh, I think I figured it out. It's not exactly a great fit and it seems like if you point the Valk upward it slides out of the stand :/ (On the bright side, the acrylic base will scratch before the kit does)
  10. Throwing my voice in for an Arcadia SDF-1 adapter as well (I'm in for two probably). Can also loan mine to help size.
  11. What's the best way to chat offline? I can send over an adapter piece and measurements (though I'll need it back since they're not available outside of the kit). I can also send over the connection bits for the PG 00 Gundam & Raiser. Can you do your bases in a 50%/100% larger format? Need to account for the width of the leg spread. Note that this request is a 100% selfish request to cut 3/4" off of each of my Unicorn displays and allow more light through my cases. Each kit comes with a stand by default, but they're very static as the base locks the torso into a fixed position.
  12. Any thoughts about building an adapter for the Bandai's PG Unicorn?
  13. Oh man, that was a steal. Found the collector's set on eBay for $40, seller said the figure worked but the game codes had already been used. Turns out the codes worked perfectly fine
  14. Well my Macross section is shameful in comparison. I'm also incredibly jealous of your cabinets. Second entrance to a bathroom. Who needs access when I have room for another cabinet?
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