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  1. Easy skip for a rehash. If Arcadia came out with a announcement with the orginal release then I'd been onboard.
  2. A rehash for a premium price? Well I'm skipping already have the regular version with armor.
  3. monishb

    Hi-Metal R

    Does anyone know if the VT1 release is going to be soon for hi metal r?
  4. When does this go up for preorder?
  5. If you want on I'll sell you my copy at cost once it's in since I'm going with a PF ver.
  6. Same. If anyone is interested in a regular milia please PM me I'll sell it at cost + shipping
  7. Looks like regular max is up for preorder - http://www.anime-export.com/product/37375
  8. monishb

    Hi-Metal R

    Heads up I just let go of my preorder with hlj if anyone wants it go get it before its order stop.
  9. True. But service is hit or miss I find with AE
  10. I was surprised as well. All it took was a email and asking politely.
  11. They charge you right away. I had ordered my premium Hikaru from them but ended up cancelling
  12. I'd still buy it as long as it says Macross
  13. If i remember correctly max was scheduled for dec release but no preorders yet.. weird.
  14. monishb

    Hi-Metal R

    Yes! Come on preorders...
  15. Hmm. I cancelled my HLJ order. NY definitely has a good price, but I think I'm going to wait to see what AE has to offer.
  16. For this price I secured one from HLJ without paying upfront
  17. Still not up on retailers other than hlj. Surprising..
  18. Anyone know if AE will carry the PF version?
  19. So I'm assuming PF ver. will be up before Aug 31st for preorder?
  20. Anyone know when the next premium ver. Will go up for preorder?
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