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  2. Ok, so I'm out of the loop with the animation series but I picked up on Warner Brothers signing over the Robotech Rights to SONY back in March any more news on that.
  3. Well Maverick may not have such an easy time of it against one of these...if the Russians can sort out the engines and get the investment by the time the film is made. And if the F-35 can't get fixed..Hollywood, USAF could always try another "Firefox" Re-boot.
  4. Although not a specialised subject of mine, I do have a general interest of rocketry edging towards the history of it. So I look forward to searching the book out. My reference to "Horrible Kerosine" was more a tongue in cheek jab at the fact that British Rocketry followed on from the V2 program after the war and made some significant breakthroughs. Although our own "Bluestreak" program used 2 Rolls Royce RZ2 Engines developing a rather respectable for the size, 150,000 lbs of thrust each using Kerosine & LOX. Hydrogen is cleaner burning and should keep the environmentalists happy, but I also believe you get more power for weight ratio. I think I read somewhere, that some of the final stages of the Staturn V used Hydrogen Propellent but I'm not sure. P
  5. Well EM drive is a cool idea but without super conductors its going exactly the same place as the 95% efficient electric motors, commercial mag lev trains and a boat engine that is just a tube wrapped in copper wire. (I will give you a clue, saline solution). However, this does work.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wg2T7MUULZQ Ok the physics.. as many of you may already know, Mach 2.6 is about as fast as your going to go with a jet engine. Anything over that and friction heats the air to about 1000 degrees centigrade and you loose reaction. To get to escape velocity you need to be going pretty fast so you take the fuel and the oxygen needed to burn it, with you. Hence big Roman Candles at Cape Canaveral. This thing simply super cools the air before it hits the reaction chamber. Mach 5+ and you can use the local O2 until you get high enough to kick in you on-board supply to finish the hop into space. It's also possible that this engine burns possibly hydozine or hydrogen, we Brits tended to avoid that horrible Kerosine RP1 stuff..
  6. I used to be in the trade so to speak so the heads up is that Windows 10 promises some good stuff especially for PC Gamers. Although bundled with a load of trash to support the Gaming PC "wanna be xbox". (its an AMD Tablet chip & basic AMD Graphics card running if I'm not mistaken a distant version of UNIX) live with it. You play your stuff, I will play mine lets agree to disagree. If rumours are to be believed 10 should better use all that new Graphics and CPU hardware that has been floating around for the last few years. The usual yard stick applies, let someone else try it first before committing. P
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