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  1. 14 hours ago, Saburo said:

    I learned from the best. :good:


    Playing around with the VF-31F and the Lill Draken adapters. :D



    I think this should be designated the VF-31FU.  For giving cap ships the FU!


    Now I need to find another set of reaction missiles to do this with mine :)

  2. 2 minutes ago, Slave IV said:

    Do any of the three have leg and/or paint/cockpit scraping issues?

    I've only really played with one of them extensively (one I got super cheap since it had no box).  It had neither scraping nor paint issues, but I couldn't resist and started repainting it myself into US Navy Low-Viz scheme.  Speaking of which, I should really finish that...

    The other two are sitting pretty on their landing gear- I have 5 pairs of the shapeways hips standing by if something goes wrong!

  3. Looks like we can only display the armor in its intended environment: zero-g


    That is also a pretty unflattering pose they have it in: I'm sure it could look a lot better with just some arm repositioning

  4. Hi there, just wondering if anyone has tried using Vallejo's mecha color line and if it actually does yield more durable paint jobs (or even, paint jobs that survive transformation!).


    So far, the only paint I've used that has survived multiple transformations is Duracoat (which is generally used on firearms...) but its really annoying to work with since you have to mix in hardener, use really toxic solvents, wait for 1 week to cure, pay $30 a bottle, etc. 

  5. 56 minutes ago, spacemanoeuvres said:

    I know but I saw it literally 5 minutes after it went up and passed lol

    Should have bought it and sold it but I know I would have just kept it and I don’t need another one hehe

    Whoever got it must be over the moon...or a scalper ha

    Or, the post was an error, and whoever bought it is going to receive a refund and an apology.  Happened to me before when a Japanese seller accidentally listed an Arcadia VF-0S for $250 bucks.  I was a sad panda...


    But I agree, if I had the chance, I would have taken it just to get another one... oh man am I addicted...

  6. I know this is unlikely, but I personally really hope they release Arad's 31A, an alpha 1, 2, 4, 5, 6.... (and while they're at it, beta 1-6)... the more the merrier!  I couldn't care less if the ones I own depreciate, I just want to be able to get more.

    I also hope that going forward we see more grey low-viz style schemes in macross series.  I hope they get the hint from Ozma's 25, 29, and the 31A that the demand is there.

  7. Blah- when the DX VF-1J released, almost all 1/60 valks took a nose dive in value as the market flooded with people trying to get funds for it.  Now that things have settled and supply has been dropping, prices across the board are sky-rocketing...

    I do have to confess to nabbing another pair of 31A's though during the panic :)

  8. Every time I pick up a valk, I can't resist the temptation to transform.  If it breaks, it's an excuse for me to try to improve it!  If I wanted static display pieces, I'd just buy 3 copies of the variable model.  I buy the 1/60's and DX's for perfect transformation and it's just so cool seeing it go between all the modes.  Fighter is generally my favorite mode though, so after I get my fix, the valks usually end up back in fighter mode.

    I think my first vf-25A (first modern valk, I purchased) I've transformed at least 100 times.  Really a testament to the design of the valk that there's nothing really wrong with it outside of floppy hips, which have their fix with a periodic adjustment. (when I'm feeling braver, I'll probably try the silicone padding trick to fix it for good)  It's currently being repainted into low-viz US navy colors since it was getting jealous of the 31A's awesome scheme :)

  9. Is it just me, or does the armor completely replace the forward canards?  You can pull them out with enough force.  That would mean that Kairos armor has even less issues in the way for getting made :)


    I initially thought the armor looked kind of dumb, but fighter mode got me good: I just bought a 31S for this armor to go on.

  10. From a fun factor and design perspective, I still vastly prefer my '25s to the more modern valks.  Looks absolutely killer with FP's, AP's TP too.  I only wish that more of the parts locked in gerwalk and battroid (though fighter is plenty secure).

  11. I guess this isn't so relevant anymore, but if you have problems with HLJ in the future, try using your phone or tablet to access the sight.  The mobile site generally works better, at least for me (maybe due to reduced traffic?  Hope this announcement doesn't screw us all over :)

  12. Hi all, I bought a house and boy was it expensive! :) 

    To make ends meet, I must sadly part with some of my valks.   Pics available tomorrow (I'm at work).  FOr buying multiple items, deduct $20 off.

    Lightly Used VF-31A: transformed once according to Jenius's video and then transformed back to fighter, mainly so that the gap it came with out of the box could be shortened.  Displayed for a day before going back in the box. $SOLD

    NOTE: I found a minor cosmetic defect on the right wing (uneven satin finish) and also some very small dings on the front sharps of the canards.  I'm not sure they show up in the pictures, but I wanted to cut the price in good faith.


    BNIB VF-31A from Nippon Yassan: $SOLD

    Used, smokey VF-0A: bought from Mandarake, was in a smoker's house apparently and initially came with a bent pitot tube which I am swapping out for a fresh one from my other -0A.  Can't tell it's smokey unless you do lines off your valks.  Will include 2 x shapeways hip parts just in case, but I don't think this has ever been trasnformed and right now the legs are attached. :): $295


    Prices are F&F (I have feedback on SSL) or you add 3.5%. 

    Free shipping to CONUS by cheapest means available to me- other locations/other shipping, we can work it out and you pay the difference.


  13. Maybe, just maybe, if Bandai decides to make the plastic of the cantilevered parts of the armor super-light (like their figuarts plastic) I could see how it wouldn't necessarily put too much strain on the fig, though the extra stands present on the display make me think otherwise.  I was going to buy Arad just to get something to put armor on, but yeah, definitely reconsidering at this point, leaning towards "skip."  If they come out with Kairos armor, I'd probably buy a set just to have, even if I try it once and then put it back in the box, for completist sake.

    There's still another delta movie coming, right?  Maybe we'll see a tornado-like equivalent of more "moderate" armor?  I really like the FP armor outside of the boosters- I think that's the one thing that doesn't really integrate well with the design.  I was hoping they'd have the boosters out on the wing tips, like the tornado pack, as it would then have much more of a spacecraft look rather than "airplane plus stuff" look.

    Given how cheap 25G tornado packs are.... maybe it's time to 3d print me an adapter :)

  14. Frankly, from how much this hobby costs?  If the valk doesn't explode when handling, consider me sold on just about anything.

    The Arcadia VF-0's, for all their color and paint woes, and even hip woes, are otherwise very durable!  (it sounds like I'm saying my car is reliable except for all the parts that break :), haha)

    I do wish the Arcadia VF-0A had followed Yamato's paint scheme, but I'll take an intact color incorrect valk over an explody color correct one.

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