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  1. This one isn't a shameless plug, but is a great find for someone who seems to be clearing out his or her collection:



    Hope I'm not ruining anyone's bids: if I hadn't exhausted my fun funds with a pair of price-gougy vf-31A's I'd be all over all of those!  This person is probably preventing my items from getting sold at the moment :)

  2. Dang, I woke up with a vague feeling I forgot something and I load up MWF to find out I missed a PO madness night.

    Anyone mind sharing late-comer sources?  (Other than loopaza... $300 before shipping is more than I want for 2 chunks of bracketry)

  3. I'm still confused- are those pics w. drakens just a "what if" of them glued onto the valk and the actual product going to have super bulky bracketry?  Or are those brackets THAT invisible?


    Other than the color, I actually think the drakens on siegfried are starting to grow on me- I suppose worst case, if I PO, I can get a vf-31F with slightly less foggy canopy?

  4. Sooo just to be clear- it's brackety-goodness for the 31F and non-perfect transformation?  If that's the case, I too will pass: though I hope this encourages some obsessive collectors to dump their original 31F's at bargain prices :)

  5. Hi folks,

    In a bit of a spending splurge, I bought two marked up VF-31A's and now I need to make up for it (man I'm addicted!)  Pics coming soon or on request if you want detail shots.

    Prices include USPS priority shipping to CONUS- if you want insurance, another carrier etc. I'll charge you the difference.

    VF-31J Kai - SOLD

    VF-31J Supers - SOLD

    VF-31A - SOLD

    VF-31F Supers - SOLD

    *EDIT: forgot to mention I'm on SSL, payment by paypal F&F expected or else mark it up appropriately

  6. I just won me a vf-31A of YJP for a cool 37800 yen since I got tired of constantly refreshing my order status at NY.

    In other words, it looks like the price is starting to stabilize from the craziness of a month ago: have hope my friends!

    If NY actually does come through with my PO, I'll be more than happy to have a pair.  Yeesh.  Time to start selling off other bits of my collection or a kidney to make rent!

  7. 11 minutes ago, sh9000 said:

    Thanks.  It shipped from them on 4/23 through Eco SAL.

    Was it a mysterious no-account update shipping, or did they e-mail you in April?  (I'm still waiting and hoping for my PO)

  8. Apologies if this has been mentioned before, as I don't seem to see it in the thread discussion, but do we know if this has the snazzy ratcheted joint upgrades?


    Also, if you're trying to offload a 19 advance, please DM me :)

  9. Hi there, I'm kind of a newbie in terms of PO madness (only ever did it for the 31J).


    Does this mean I should be up at 3am EDT on Saturday, technically?  My memories from the last time I did PO madness are fuzzy :)

  10. Now I'm kind of sad I didn't take advantage of 10% off rakuten coupon... though the cost shipped to my door would probably still have been about $460 :(

    One silver lining: hopefully this sends a message to bandai that lo-viz schemes sell like crazy and maybe we can get some more military-looking valks.

    For now I'll just bust out the vf-25s, Vf-4G and VF-0A to satisfy my cravings for gray.

  11. Hi folks, just like a lot of people I'm in search of a VF-31A.  I recently bought a great looking vf-31j kai + supers.  I'd be willing to trade this for a VF-31A, messed up wings, etc. okay.  Or, I'd be willing to drop a fat wad of cash for yours.  Name your price- reasonable offers considered.


    I'd also be willing to part with a complete VF-25S Ozma renewal set (valk, supers, armor) for a 31A + cash.  Let me know.

  12. I ordered 10/7 from NY, still waiting.  I sent a polite and truthful concern email because I'll be moving in the summer and so would prefer to know when to expect shipment, but I just got a "soon" response.

    I'm kicking myself for not jumping on the other open vendors when I had the chance: this is probably my favorite valk design so far outside of the VF-0A.

    I'm getting more and more tempted to repaint the 31J kai I just got in lo-viz.... hmmm...

  13. As the title says- damaged box/damaged item okay.  Yes, I know about the one on Jungle missing the intake and don't want that one (can't repair what doesn't exist!)


    Found! Thanks

  14. Hi folks, like the title says- I'm looking for one for customization, so paint damage/other damage, missing parts are all okay, and actually preferred because I don't want to pay for MISB for something I'm going to be hacking up/painting.



    Edit: found the supers, just need the valk now

  15. All Sold, thanks folks!


    Hi folks, I'm trying to sell the following items, shipping included to CONUS:

    hi-metal R vf-2ss MIB and will ship in the same box HLJ used to send it to me: $SOLD

    vf-25a super pack: missing the 'A' part of the stand, but otherwise used/complete: $SOLD

    I'm open to just about anything 1/60 if you're down for a partial trade, or for Acid Rain World stuff if you've got it.

    Please PM me as I don't check the board all the time.  My ebay username is timothygso and I've bought stuff on here before if you're curious.

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