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  1. With the given question at this point and time, Abrams. While the Leopard is a good tank it's a medium tank, not a MBT. The Russian tanks are also and designed around a doctrine that emphasizes heavy artillery killing things.
  2. Does anyone other then the US have an operational, deployed (not tech demons and most certainly not sketches) fighter with internal carriage? Does it help with stealth, yes but that's not even half the story. All underwing stores add drag and mess with the handling of the aircraft, which is part of why those big war loads are never actually used. A clean bird has a big advantage over one that isn't in handling characteristics.
  3. It's a Go Nagai title. Do you really need to know more then that?
  4. No Zentradi, huh? Politician 1: Hey do we really need to pay 5x as much for it turn into a mech? Politician 2: I want that money for my social programs. [if the rule of thumb is twice as much with half the payload merely to have VTOL capability, five times the cost for the entire thing to transform isn't unreasonable especially with development, initial, and O&M costs all tallied up.] The VFs become Fs, the designs would actually begin following an efficient use of resources and they'd be better in the long run for it.
  5. I'd hate to be the Zentreadi facing a Micronian Engineering division making full use of artillery, traps, and everyone's favorite: explosives. They can have their big steel coffins.
  6. Multi-mission capability, which is a known staple of the Destroyer class? A "battleship" like the Thuverl Salan isn't that much bigger at 2000 meters vs 1500 meters long relatively speaking. They probably could have just dubbed the things cruisers if they wanted, like certain destroyers in the US Navy. Of course, as they don't really work independtly of the fleet they're closer to the destroyer role. It class is like the DD(X)/DDG-1000 Zumwalt, what's the problem?
  7. I'd be more concerned about where they're getting the materials to produce warheads/ammo and fuel/proppelant for the same. Especially given the considerable number of sorties before resupply. Given all the space that was empty and devoted to storing junk, you'd think the Macross would be suffering from the Ent-B "Tuesday problem." (Tractor beam: It'll be installed on Tuesday; Photon Torpedoes: Tuesday; Medical crew: You guessed it, Tuesday)
  8. Because the F-15 is a AF jet, and they're de facto Navy so they're using the world dominator F-14 which was designed to counter a threat that never existed and neutralized the Backfire swarms? The F-14 is still not exactly matched in its design role. Kawamori doesn't exactly have a crystal ball, does he now?
  9. Guld was Kawamori's whipping boy in M+. Something he felt guilty enough about to at least try to be halfway fair to when he made the movie, by extending the combat scene. Take away Guld and the plot contrivances, and what's Isamu? A prideful, reckless, and irresponsible fighter jock, that has no problem sleeping around. Not to mention an anarchist in spirit that STOLE EXPERIMENTAL MILITARY HARDWARE, breached the defenses of the capital and local planet's security system, caused ridiculous levels of property damage, and all to go after a fighter he never had a chance in hell of taking out anyway. Admit it, if it had actually been gunning for Isamu seriously he'd have been gone in the first few straffing runs, lucky for him Apple was effectively behind the stick and had other plans. What would happen if we took away the extra baggage of rapist, etc., that got tagged on and had Guld be more of a character, who happens to be on the design staff as well? Isamu needed Guld there to not look like pond scum. So naturally Kawamori goes overboard in making Guld look bad, be evil for no good reason, and generally working as a contrast to make the true slimeball look good. That's how I see it. Of course, he didn't just rig the characters, he rigged the hardware. Look at the tech sheets, notice something very important missing from the YF-21's capabilities? That's right, no tactical/strategic payloads just minimissiles. Not that the YF-19 is really that much better without violating conservation of volume. As a matter of fact, a lot of things stretch SoD with that plane. In some ways I suspect he didn't like the fact 5th gen planes, beat out gen 4 and 4.5. So in a lot of respects this was his rant against them, and advancing technology. A rant that ends up being a lot less coherent then the competition. You have to go out on a limb to even make the computer's actions make sense. The given rationale is worse then Batman Beyond's fear gas that somehow doesn't make it's victim cower in fear but act more like zombies when used widescale. Of course, he made the mistake of having maneuverability being about equal to the YF-19, and the YF-21 once it dropped mecha parts being able to keep up with the X-9. Active stealth technology already exists to a certain degree and is a complementary technology to the RAM and LO construction components. It is however just part of a whole. So seems as how it's already top of the game, and he actually had the UN Spacy airforce willing to shut down Project Super Nova in favor of a nontransformable aircraft he kind of shot himself in the foot for those who actually work with visuals. The YF-21 was clearly superior, without contrivances, and they could have slashed production costs and greatly increased capacity by dropping the entire mecha component of the design. Something that given it can eject the mecha parts in a tactical situation, isn't that big a deal for that design. I agree with DeathHammer, on his suggestion of making it better. Have maybe 4 to 5 companies putting forward planes of various types and optimizations for the competition, with a character driven story, and you could probably make a downright decent short series out of it. Not that I believe they could or would do so.
  10. I seem to remeber the initial cost was around 7 mil, this site indicates in 98 dollars it's 9.8 mil. A Western 4/5th gen supersonic jet fly away cost is high enough you can practically buy half a squadron of A-10s for the price of one jet. Throw in the distributed R&D and tooling costs, and you're pretty much full squadron for the price of one pointy nose. All the fancy electronics are what drives costs mainly. Price is and never will be comparable plane to plane.There is however one not so minor problem, Fairchild folded out of existence a while ago. That leaves things in a akward position to actually start new production line, and the USAF has never been that fond of the bastard child that is the A-10. As far as I'm concerned anyone claiming a supersonic jet can simply replace the Warthog and by entension Spectre/Spooky gunships, effectively because CAS and the Mark 1 eyeball are no longer needed is pushing it.
  11. Not wanting to read through 20 pages to check if someone else already pointed it out, but you do realize the A-10 is not being replaced by the F-35 but upgraded and redesignated A-10C, right? The snub nose isn't leaving service for a long time yet.
  12. In reality (translation: if it didn't have high grade character shielding) that depends on several factors. From a design standpoint: -Due to smaller crewmen it can at least theoretically carry more fighters. Of course, I've never seen the numbers on the equivalent Zentradi ship. -When the main gun actually works it can be quite devestating to the aging unshielded Zentradi vessels. Of course this requires them to be forced by character shields to group close together in an airless void with more then enough room to spread out and still cover each other. -The secondary batteries, when they work, are about the same as the main gun with a full salvo. The problem is they're only used once. Whether this is indicitive of them being drooling idiots or not is up to you. -The Daedalus maneuver is just flat out stupid, without character shielding making up for its deficiencies. Even in series Kamjin showed the fools part of why using Age of the Galley naval tactics was a bad idea. No enemy ship should ever be allowed that close to your vessel. -It's barrier systems give it enhanced survivability. Although mere battle pods showed that ability to take her out of action if they would have just pressed the attack. -Pre-rebuild the Macross has no fold drives, which makes it vulnerable with proper tactics to a ship that does. Due to the secondary batteries basically being off-line a task force on Zentradi vessels of equivalent tonnage/volume would have been able to take it apart if used intelligently. The Zentradi never were particularly intelligent though.
  13. Anyone who has watched Macross Plus should remember this scene. The YF-21 prototype cuts out in mid fight with drones, and goes into freefall, but Guld couldn't reach the controls. The things is he's in freefall, thus he's falling at basically the same rate gravities pulling, so you'd think if anything he'd be effectively weightless. So is there a good reason Guld couldn't reach the controls?
  14. There are two reason to quote JB0. Either you're wanting to comment on something someone said, that would otherwise be unclear. That doesn't apply here as your post is literally right after mine. The second is to respond to some particular thing the person said. You responded to a comment about marketing claims verse actual use by the military in combat in relation to use of the lasers out of fighter mode, with commentary about gunpods and the ability of the secondary armament to compensate. The fact you didn't recant that, clearly means such was your intention. Strawman fallacy: Not to mention basically blowing up because someone dared to question you even in a neutral tone devoid of meaningful accusation, is not professional. Or to use your phrasing it's "looking for a way to take offense." *sigh*
  15. You're quoting me, but you're talking along a very different vector and in so doing basically conducting a strawman.
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