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  1. 2 hours ago, jvmacross said:

    About 150-200 USD for a used/complete sample...however, the damage on yours is going to hurt it's potential market value with at least a 30% mark down...the hardest part would be finding someone who is "ok" with the specific damage....usually, if the damage does not affect functionality (ex. it can transform into all modes) or if it is not easily visible it is less impactful on what it can sell for....your sample seems to be fine if kept in fighter mode, with the obvious damage only fully noticeble in gerwalk or battroid modes.....so this may help find a buyer...good luck!


    As for the Mospeada bikes.....I wouls strongly advise you NOT to sell as a lot....you never achieve maximum potential profits in doing so....

    My advice would be to take the best figure and match it up to the best bike....then take the second best figure and match it up to the second best bike....sell both sets individually......at that point you could toss in an extra figure to each set as a "bonus".....as for value.....I am not that tuned into the Mospeada collectibles aftermarket, but casually viewing past auction sales should give you a good idea on price....I want to say $100 or so for each set, assuming there is no damage or missing parts....


    Thanks for the quick reply and good advice / feedback.

    I definitely get your point about not selling the Mospeada bikes as a lot if I want to maximize my profit - I'm mulling over taking less just to not have to piece them out. I think maybe taking your advice and splitting into two sets of bike + rider, then throwing in the others as extra is a great middle ground to getting good value without selling all separately.

    Thank you again!


  2. Had these in storage for quite a while, any idea what I could sell them for?

    Thanks in advance ...


    Yammato 1/60 VF-1A Max - transformed once to gerwalk and displayed in a glass case, when transforming back to store, the right side tailfin/backpack pin holder broke (see second picture below)


    max_vf-1a_broken_sm.jpg  max_vf-1a_tray_sm.jpg  max_vf-1a_boxfront_sm.jpg  max_vf-1a_boxback_sm.jpg  max_vf-1a_boxbottom_sm.jpg  



    Gakken 1/8 Ride Armor - lot of 4 riders, 2 bikes all used in varying condition.


    cylcones_bike_1_sm.jpg  cylcones_bike_2_sm.jpg  cylcones_rider_a_sm.jpg  cylcones_rider_b_sm.jpg  cylcones_rider_c_sm.jpg  cylcones_rider_d_sm.jpg

  3. Please note: none of these are mint. All are used and have been in storage for over a decade. With the exception of Jetfire that's still surprisingly tight, they all are a bit floppy. The Joons and the unknown knockoff Hiro are bootlegs and not the same quality of build or materials of the originals.

    All prices include shipping within the US. Shipping outside of the US will be based on exact cost. I only accept PayPal and you must either use Friends and Family or pay extra to cover the fee (3% for USD payments within the US, 4.4% for international USD payments)


    Original Jetfire with extra armor pieces  - $125 shipped in the US (SOLD)



    Original VF-1S Roy with gun and arm clip - $75 shipped in the US (SOLD)



    Original VF-1A Brownie with gun (no arm clip) - $75 shipped in the US (SOLD)fodder_b.jpg


    Knockoff Hiro VF-1J with gun and arm clip - $45 Shipped in US (SOLD)



    Joons Red VF-1J bootleg with gun and arm clip - $45 shipped in the US (SOLD)



    Joons Green VF-1J bootleg with ONE gun and arm clip (second gun in battroid belonged to Red valk above) - $45 shipped in the US (SOLD)


  4. So preparing to move for the first time in 9 years, and I find a box in the garage that I don't remember open it to find these chunky monkeys I hadn't seen in 13+ years and I thought had been lost in a previous move. Despite the immediate nostalgia, I really don't have a place for them any more after I sold off my Macross toys last year.

    So what if anything are they worth?

    The red and green are Joon's that I remember. The Cannon Fodder was a custom I got off eBay. The Jetfire and extra armor was the only one that was still very tight, the rest are pretty floppy.

    roy.jpg rick.jpg max.jpg armored.jpg jetfire.jpg miriya.jpg alaska.jpg




  5. 25 minutes ago, Gerli said:

    I heard a lot of awful things about that KS... like one of the designers attempt suicide because the wrath of the backers and things like that... 

    Different KS - I believe you're referring to the Robotech RPG Tactics miniatures game KS by Palladium games.

    There's a Battletech videogame KS that caused the lawsuit from HG.

    And finally there's the infamous Robotech Academy KS started and then later killed by HG because it didn't get funded.



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