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  1. Seems like news of the Destiny renewal drove people away from the Heine Custom
  2. Thunderbolt updates: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2015-11-19/gundam-thunderbolt-anime-staff-cast-distribution-episode-count-designs-revealed/.95550 "The anime will have a total of four episodes. The first episode will be available digitally on December 25 starting at 12 p.m. in Japan (December 24 at 10:00 p.m. EST)."
  3. Welp, news of the upcoming kits are already out: http://hobby.dengeki.com/news/130155/ RG Qan[T] MG Freedom 2.0 RE/100 MS-08TX[EXAM] Couple IBO kits, including the Mobile Armor thingy. PG Unicorn Final Battle Awakened (P-Bandai) Was expecting a 'bigger' kit to be announced
  4. Gunpla Expo is happening tomorrow! Expecting at least an announcement of a new RE/100. *fingers crossed for a Kshatriya or Jegan*
  5. MB Exia Avalanche, the regular version took a long time to close, probably couple of weeks? The weapon-plus pack on the other hand closed in less than 30 minutes (it had the same 2 order limit as Heine Destiny). As for the Dash add-on parts, I think NY only closed orders when it was near the official Tamashii deadline for it. MB 00 Raiser also took awhile IIRC, but that's cos the MB line was fairly new at that point.
  6. NY: https://www.nippon-yasan.com/figures/14650-metal-build-strike-freedom-gundam-wings-of-light-option-set-limited-edition.html No pay later option again. Kinda baffled by their choice of when to allow the pay later option for Tamashii web exclusives. Ordered one. Don't foresee much issue on this with an order limit of 24 set on the webshop.
  7. Seems like MB SF is out in the market already, saw one pop-up on Mandarake
  8. BiJ: http://biginjap.com/en/completed-models/13053-metal-build-strike-freedom-gundam-wings-of-light-option-set.html I'll prob grab it as well.. even though the price makes no sense and I have no space to display it... but, but that special box case.
  9. 7,560JPY though, just for the effects and stands for the full burst. There's also the problem of neither the SF nor Destiny being able to fit into a regular Detolf compartment (height-wise and maybe width as well) with those WoLs on
  10. Wings of Light for SF Tamashii web-exclusive http://p-bandai.jp/tamashiiwebshouten/a0011/b0060/item-1000100741/ 7,560JPY - June '16 Something about the MB Destiny along with its WoL is in the page as well.
  11. I'll just wait till it's released to the market. With 3 consecutive release windows, it might end up like the Trans-AM Exia and stay fairly close to retail price. What's more, with the upcoming 'renewal' of the original Destiny, prices might not spike too much *edit - got my refund notification from PayPal
  12. Wouldn't be surprised if they took in too many orders for it. Most other shops seemed to have closed their pre-orders fairly quick unlike NY Expect to see it pop-up again on release date for a significant markup on NY
  13. Just received from NY (MB Destiny Heine): Hello Thank you for your purchase We are contacting you regarding this order Unfortunately our orders were cancelled by the maker we apologize for this situation but we will have to refund your order. We apologize for the inconvenience and thanking you for your understanding If you have any question, feel free to ask us!
  14. Third release for Heine Destiny in June '16 (pre-order window opens 19th Nov on Tamashii web). 'Renewal' for Original Destiny TBA - confirmed as Tamashii web-exclusive
  15. Oh, I missed this part out "なお、対をなす「METAL BUILD デスティニーガンダム」について、あまりにも多数のご要望を踏まえまして、このたび 「魂ウェブ商店」 で 「リニューアル発売」 をすることに決定いたしました!" MB Destiny 'renewal' sale as Tamashii webshop exclusive incoming too . Not sure if it will be a straight re-issue or with minor changes. Perhaps the WoL might be thrown in with this release.
  16. If anyone still hasn't managed to snag one, SF @HLJ: http://www.hlj.com/product/BANN01279 Also, new Tamashii column for MB SF: http://tamashii.jp/column/43/ Seems like MB Destiny (Heine) will be getting a 3rd release in June 2016
  17. joppewo

    Hi-Metal R

    VF-1S on HLJ again: http://www.hlj.com/product/BANN01263/Act
  18. I believe you can think of them as essentially a lower quality RD? Paint apps aren't that great, at least on the older releases.
  19. ^ Yup Cover of Bakemonogatari's ED 「君の知らない物語」by a famous violinist Still my all-time favourite anime song
  20. http://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000100945/ Looks good, but that price though In other news, both NY and BiJ have closed pre-orders for MB Destiny (Heine)
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