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  1. This has been such a disaster that some stores are throwing away their rrt stock. In the video below it starts at around 4:15. https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=T8aPNAVW8ZE
  2. The models are not kid friendly. I built a few and stopped. Without anyone to play with and my refusal to advertise this for PB my pledge is gathering dust. Heck the only mini I painted was the metal max figure that now serves as my avatar. <<I enjoyed the robofail rpg as a teen but I'm glad I didn't become a fan of rifts or PB and Kevin S. I would hate to be jerked around by such a charlatan from the 90's till now. That's for suckers.
  3. Or the sdf-1 could be used as an objective or scenery, just pretend it's really far away. I ordered one and I can't wait to receive mine years from now.
  4. You and me both. I ran a game of new gen and my son and I had the same result.
  5. It's just a show piece. It has nothing to do with the game. For everyone else here's some pics of the sdf-1 and the prototype for the vf-4, known as the yf-4 in rrt. In the second pic you can see the armored battleoid behind the yf-4.
  6. New update. They revised the blast rule. No new info on wave two or the resin minis. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rrpgt/robotech-rpg-tacticstm/posts/1375081
  7. It's funny how non PB employees are getting this done faster than PB themselves. I'm just waiting on some of you guys to start putting out 1/285 valks from all the macross shows and games.
  8. Say EXO any chance you could make the frontier valks in 1/285? I'd like to see how they look together.
  9. You sir are an artist. If these are yours then I take it your initials in the Facebook group are MN? Mine are FG. Anyways fantastic work all around.
  10. Someone printed an alpha and beta in 1/285. It looks good.
  11. One guy couldn't wait for wave two so he made his own armored valk.
  12. I remember it was sometime when they showed the first render of the vf-1 in F mode (2 years ago maybe). Me and others chimed in wanting certain details done or it wouldn't be a vf-1. Having played many tabletop war games I know what's possible and what's not. So I was surprised when I saw how ridiculous the splits were on the rdf minis.
  13. New update. "Useful Info & Links 8 Comments Like 14 likes Hey, everyone. Just a quick note today before the holiday weekend. We’ve put all the cards for the Queadluun-Rau and Nousjadeul-Ger on DriveThruRPG over the last week, including the Malcontents cards that just went up today. Super Valkyrie cards will come next week, but I think Monday’s uploads will be updated versions of the standard Valkyrie cards to reflect the official change in the number of Long-Range Missiles from 8 to 6, reflecting the reduced cost of the Ammo 6 version of that missile upgrade. Our DriveThruRPG pag
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