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  1. Preordered the Daredevil set, Animated Cyclops x2, and Retro Iron Man x2 at Hasbro Pulse.

    Preordered Retro Wolverine x2, Longshot, Dark Phoenix, Multiple Man, Avalanche x2, and Spiral x2 at Dorkside.

    Definitely getting Banshee and Storm and as many figures that Hasbro will release from the Uncanny X-Men # 275 cover.


    I'll get the Spider-Man vs Carnage set and What If? Gamora.  I hope the Haslab teaser is for Goblin Queen.  Will get the X-Men 60th Anniversary 5 Pack with Stryfe, Vertigo, Pretty Boy, Random, and Zero and the X-Men comic wave of Astonishing Cyclops, Astonishing Emma Frost, Corsair, Kid Omega, Monet, Chamber, and Fang.

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