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  1. Its a shame amazon.jp wont ship it direct to me here in Australia, and yes I did use Tenso for them, I think I spent around 50 or 60 usd for shipping and their fees, or there abouts. Not seen the ebay stuff personally, just was excited to see it pop up after wasting around 3 hours on pre order night and failing miserably ! But as mentioned, its just another option for peeps =-)
  2. If anyone is still trying to get a VF-1S Fokker, amazon.jp has it up for 25800. After being cartjacked on HLJ this is the most reasonable price I've been able to get for myself, so heres the link if anyone needs it =-) https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/Chogokin-Dimension-Fortress-Macross-Valkyrie/dp/B08C3GRZ4P/ref=sr_1_1?crid=28R7OXDHUK5O7&dchild=1&keywords=dx超合金vf-1+s&qid=1604905612&sprefix=dx+chogokin+vf%2Caps%2C331&sr=8-1
  3. Its been years since I had watched it but it is a fun series with over the top tank destruction =-)
  4. try $650 aud shipped screamy =-( Got mine today, not fiddled with it much, but its lovely for sure, definite improvement
  5. Just got the email this morning from Amiami, it ended up being $649aud shipped ems. I'm glad I just got some tax back, but yeh HN, Eff you for your hand in getting GST applied to stuff we cant get here and have to import. Jerks. Hopefully its worth it!
  6. "click here if page doesn't load" FIRE ALL MISSILES
  7. for once i was around at the start of a preorder ! and just like all of you, dead frozen unable to order...this is rubbish!
  8. Got that eknight order in, just fit in the allocation they reckoned, but I'm not holding my breath still, cuz they said 'around 50' so we'll see. Not sure i could pick a favourite though out of all the Voltrons. Original since a kid was the Panosh one that fits the figures in it, loved that. The madtoys looks great for a twist, the new one based on teh new show looks great as well. I'm hoping the SOC will hit me with good feels as well. I have way too many V's though. I wish the Mattel supersized didn't have that stupid auto transform for the legs, badly implemented and sets off easily. But love em all =-)
  9. Yeh I did jump on the miracle toys and Madtoys etc Voltron, and agreed, its quite awesome fun, but i had the Bandai preordered at a local who ultimately didn't come through with many preorders, and has kept the money, and helped to embitter this grumpy old man =-/ Thanks for the link on that Eknight, hopefully they come through, mind you, I had something preordered on amazon who I thought would always get stock allocation, and was surprised when it got canned. If a superglobal store like them cant always get what they reckon, then makes me wonder about the other places a bit ! Honestly i have too many voltrons... but... its voltron! =-)
  10. The Phoenix measures just over 20cm long very end to very tip if that helps? Not sure how long the real (hehe real, if ONLY) one is meant to be !=-)
  11. I know right, I thought it would be perfect or near on, but even with its flaws its still awesome. And yeh no prob re 3d design, it probably wont be amazing or anything though lol =-)
  12. Ffs. Bandai, you suck. This happened the first time, thought i would get lucky the 2nd time, but... no. Who does it benefit not making enough to supply those who want to buy? I guess I'll support KO makers on this one, so disappointing.
  13. the parts that are plastic dont feel dodgy at all, which is the impression from the vf2ss, ( not so much the legioss, its a lot better imo) but god phoenixs the main body is metal, the main wings are as well ( with a nice embossed g5 logo I might add!) so its really just the extremities that appear plastic, so theres not enough of it to feel cheap =-) the paint job brings it all together beautifully though, its the nicest blue! The vent opening mechanism is a little stiff but nothing really wrong. The front nose cone that splits to reveal g2 doesn't stay together well at all, so I'll never be using that i reckon. The minor annoyances are that the g vehicles are a bit fiddly to fit in, Joes race cars wheels dont roll like the unifives one either. Overall I'm really glad I got it, its got me kinda wishing for the unifive original color as well though LOL. Love em.
  14. lol true true. The firey phoenix accessory looks really good, quite flexible material as well, and it does fit over ok, but i'm thinking of making a 3d print dummy phoenix to put it on so I can have both forms showing in the display =-)
  15. No prob =-) Its got some nice extra gimmicks, such as bird missiles that drop from the bottom of g5, and the dome on top is clear now instead of grey plastic. They even made the bottom vents open/ close when you use the intakes open/close mechanism. They didn't do teh finer details as well as unifives though, such as the top bird missile isn't painted, and their isn't the same level of paint on the g1-4 as uni, but still looks amazing =-) You'll love it !
  16. The God Phoenix has landed in Australia! Thought I could pop a couple of pics up beside my old anime colored unifive, both have good and bad points, but I do like the new evolution toys one, the paint reaaaally pops. Please excuse the messy table, it's the lightsaber wiring table Did anyone else grab one?
  17. So it looks like the God Phoenix has been released, and mine was shipped just yesterday, so I'm keen to see how it compares to my old Unifive version! Fingers crossed its as good or better! https://hlj.com/metal-action-no-9-god-phoenix-evt57302
  18. sadly im one of those desparate enough to bite at 22... sigh... i thought it was like 4am this coming morning... doh! amazon jp wouldn't ship to australia either...
  19. ...must.. attempt.. perfect... transformation.. longtime.. dream...rider.. remains... on bike...whooot! This looks AMAZING! I can't wait to fiddle with this to attempt an anime-esque transform =-)
  20. lol i should have been more specific, best 'action' figure of her =-) I wish they put them both up at the same time, as I fear that if MM doesn't sell well enough they might not do the Rick!
  21. Rick looks awesome! would grab in heartbeat! minmei not so much . Best figure of her but not screaming 'buy me' so much =-) hopefully they put up a pre order for him soon!
  22. Paid. Requested shipment. Paid that. Now waiting for shipment notice! I truly hope this is great =-)
  23. looking good! the arms seem locked together better here, and dunno if my imagination but seems the two soldiers are showing off the two intake styles... btw that god phoenix, is it up for pre order anywhere? I know the fewture one has sold out on hlj but this is the one i'm after with the removable g vehicles!
  24. Sam

    Hi-Metal R

    Thanks for that link, I was pi$$ed to miss HLJ preorder, but this has unpi$$ed my evening =-)
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