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  1. Wanna send some props to Spoonieg2010 for being a great buyer! Have fun with that VE-1 brother!
  2. The tax man is coming down on me with a hammer this year, so I'm putting up one of my favorites to help ease the burden. Selling off my Yamato V2 Elintseeker; it's been on display in gerwalk for several years now, and is in great shape with no known issues. Pic below is of it in my display (where it will be until someone buys it). Missiles in image will not be included. $350 plus shipping SOLD, paypal only (as gift or buyer pays fees). Also still for sale is a 1/60 V2 VF-1S Hikaru with Super/Strike set (also in photo). $250 shipped, weapon effects not included.
  3. BUMP! VF-1S set still available... more economical way to get yourself a super/strike parts set even if you don't need the valk! =)
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