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  1. Little late, but adding a +1 for JVMacross as a top shelf buyer... enjoy the hi-metal Roy!
  2. Hi folks! Selling off a brand new, just arrived from Angolz Hi-Metal R Macross VF-1S Strike Valkyrie (Roy Focker Special) valk, still bubble wrapped in original exclusive box (and still in original delivery packaging from Angolz!). I had pre-ordered this thing last year and forgotten about it, and during that I also stopped collecting Macross stuff in general, so I've no need for it. Not looking to make a profit at all, just trying to break even. Price is $136 SOLD TO JVMacross! shipped (exactly my invoiced amount from Angolz) within CONTUS, paypal only, sent as gift or buyer pays fees. Can supply pics, but I'm posting this from work and don't have the package to take pics of at the moment. I am on straight shooters though and have smooth transactions with a lot of fellow MWorlders! Thanks!
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