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  1. 5 minutes ago, locidm said:

    Did you use gundam marker too? Or would a red sharpie also do?

    I only had a red metallic gundam marker on hand, so I ended us using a red sharpie. Works well, just have to let everything dry appropriately, and keep rubbing alcohol and q-tips on hand to clear up any accidental smears on the ride armor (rubbing alcohol cleans sharpie ink right up).  

  2. Huge shot out to no3Ljm and un_marine, I finally sat down and disassembled my cyclone rider, flaked off that red crap on the fabric (really nasty stuff btw), and markered up the material. Scott is looking dialed again! 




  3. 21 minutes ago, locidm said:

    I haven't touched mine in years......and Rey is still in the box. Hopefully mine hasn't deteriorated that bad!

    Is it from handling? Sunlight? Or just natural degradation due to the tension of the seams?

    Whatever it is they used, its just really prone to drying out and flaking, regardless of how much the figure is handled. The fabric on Rey is a bit more durable, so I think there was a definite change between the production of both figures. 

  4. 28 minutes ago, jenius said:


    Yeah, that red suit was definitely the sore spot for an otherwise incredible toy. Is it possible to buy neoprene type fabric? Would that be too stiff?

    Probably too thick. Whatever fabric Mezco toys is using on their One:12 figure line would probably be ideal. At this point, I'd just like to pull off the red cloth on mine completely so I don't have to look at it until I find a suitable replacement material. 

  5. 47 minutes ago, no3Ljm said:

    I opened mine before but didn't get a chance of creating a proper cloth for it. I asked a friend before to stitch me one but it somehow ended up a little too bulky on the figure but somehow it does help tightening the are of movement which is kind of a plus for me. I was hoping to get the same fabric that Yaco did on his Stick years ago.


    Anyways, I'll try to take some pics of it which screws to remove in order to remove the cloth tonight.


    That would be much appreciated, thanks! Right now my Scott figure is looking beat up with orange flakes all over his bike. 

  6. Sorry if this has ever been discussed somewhere in this thread, but has anyone ever seen or posted a thread on removing/repairing the cloth fabric on the older Masterpiece Toynami Cyclones, specifically the Scott figure? Somehow over the years, the orange fabric on my Scott has basically disintegrated just sitting in my display case, and I've looked for tips on disassembling him to get the cloth off, but haven't found anything on it. Any help appreciated!

    Figure this would be a good way to pass the time while waiting on my Sentinel Cyclone preorders. =P

  7. Selling the following pieces off to help cover some emergency expenses. Items are currently on ebay, but thought I'd give some MW folks a shot at prices not geared towards covering ebay fees. Paypal only (either as gift or include PP goods fees), buyer pays shipping + insurance in 48 CONTUS for all items (overseas buyers need to cover extra shipping costs). Boxes are not mint, but are in good condition with, at most, small corner tears. Feel free to PM any questions or reasonable offers. 

    1) Bandai DX VF-25F Alto Renewal Valk with Super Parts - Selling as a set. Valk is in good/very good condition, however there is a small plastic chip on the right inner knee from previous owner (see photo). Doesn't affect transformation. Note: knife is included, its just stored in the shield in the photos. - SOLD

    2) Bandai DX VF-25G Mikhail Renewal Valk - Excellent condition, never transformed from jet mode. Priced according to the few sold listings on ebay as I couldn't really find any other listings to compare it to, and Amazon prices were just insane. Apparently this valk is super rare now. - SOLD

    3) Bandai DX RVF-25 Luka Renewal Valk with Super/Ghost Parts (images pending) - Selling as a set. Excellent condition, never transformed from jet mode. - $270  for the set

    3) KO MP-29 Transformers Masterpiece Laserwave/Shockwave - Great condition, only transformed once from gun to robot. Basically identical knock off of Takara MP-29. - $70

    4) Daca Toys Kronos - Never transformed while I've owned it (bought it used). Doesn't have any of the issues that I've read about online from what I've experienced handling the toy. Great TF MP display piece if you can't afford FT Phoenix. - SOLD













  8. Selling off a few valks to thin the collection herd! Prices do not include shipping (I ship USPS, buyer decides if they want insurance or extra shipping services); paypal only (either as gift or buyer pays 2.9% + .30 cent PP fees for goods/services). Items will ship in their original packages (boxes are in good/very good condition but not mint).

    1) Yamato V2 1/60 VF-1A (SUPER/STRIKE PARTS ARE NOT INCLUDED), comes with a spare VF-1S Fokker head (as shown in photo) and extra DYRL VF-1S cockpit. Been transformed a few times during a house move, but otherwise is not handled frequently and resides in a display case. Valk is in very good condition with no shoulder issues. Super/Strike parts not included, but WILL come with all other standard equipment and accessories - SOLD! 

    2) Yamato V2 VF-1J with GBP armor - Valk and armor were purchased separately, not in gift bundle. Valk has no issues, only been transformed a few times and has been in display with armor since purchased. Includes all original accessories and extra homemade custom missile bursts (as shown in photo) - SOLD





  9. Up for sale is my Yamato 1/60 Miriya VF-1J (with her fast packs) (**Virgin Road is no longer available**). Selling her off simply due to changes in my collecting focus. Valk is in great condition with no shoulder issues. Only semi-issue is the Miriya VF-1J has the transformation scratches on the back of her shoulder tabs from the previous owner that I bought her from way back (see pic). Valk has been transformed a minimal amount of times and been displayed primarily in robot mode for years. Both valks will ship in their original packaging and with all accessories.

    Price is *SOLD* plus shipping with Paypal funds sent as gift OR buyer covering paypal fees and shipping insurance costs. I've had tons of smooth transactions on MW and am on the straight shooters thread, so look me up! =) I will not break up the pair under any circumstances, so please don't ask. These valks need to travel together into a good collector home, or else they stay put. Thanks for looking!



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