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  1. I was quite happy when I first heard they were going to do a story about Sherly, as for me, her character was the most interesting and had most potential. I was hoping they would steer away from that all too familiar story branch which lead to Frontier. I was hoping the story would go this way : A brief moment of her visit to see her grandma Mao Nome and a chance meeting with Ranka but that's all (she doesn't remembers it later). She returns to Galaxy with her mum and later the hellish nightmare after her mum passed away and she's all alone with no one to fend for her. She's then 'rescued' by Grace and experimented on as Fairy 9. As Sherly grows up and became a singer, we get to see what's life on Galaxy looks like, development of the VF-27, cloning of Brera and gathering of Grace's accomplices. As Sherly became famous, she met her first love (not Alto), a young hot shot pilot (NUNS) but was betrayed and the incident left her so emotionally lost that it affected her performance as a singer. It came to a point where Grace considered dumping her. But it was at this moment that Sherly remembers the hellish years and picked herself up and practically crawl her way back to the music charts. She developed a hard outer shell so that no one can get in and hurt her emotionally and believes that no one should chart her destiny but herself. The last volume - Sherly begins her Galaxy tour, just when she was about to board her ship, the hotshot pilot realized his mistake and hoped for a 2nd chance but Sherly's heart has gone icy cold. As the tour continued, Sherly's heart began to warm up enough to have somebody get close to her and ends as her tour ship jumped in towards Frontier. There enough stuff here to make a 12 episode anime. But seeing the reviews from a few fans, alas this is not going to be.
  2. Thanks for the video. Her voice sounded normal when she sings at low and mid range pitch. It's only at the higher pitch or when she shouts at the top of her voice that you'll notice the coarseness. This I believe is the last song of the concert, probably she had time to rest a bit and recovered some of her voice. At her UNITE concert tour, her voice was noticeably coarser after singing Shinjite Miru, but once she had a break and a sip of water, her voice was back to normal. When she's on the platform, they should put some sort of safety belt to give her some confidence and enable her to use the other hand to wave at her fans when the platform is going around. Bet her fans would have loved that! Thanks again for the post!
  3. Hey, thanks for the post! I was dying to get some news/visual of her latest concert in Yokohama! Ani-culture reported the event briefly : - May'n was on a platform strung from a crane some 30 feet in the air and was going around the concert hall. One of the fans noticed that she was holding the railing really tight! (I suppose I would too in that situation : ) ) Was it me or she's losing her voice? It was evident when she sang 'Northern Cross' and got even worse after she sang OBELISK. Guessed she practiced to hard! I liked the acoustic version of 'What 'bout my star?' Refreshing. The concert hall looked even bigger than that of Budokan but even that you can hear the fans' voices! Ha ha.....as usual, the media section is quite dead. The last one - Welcome to my fan club's night' was from her previous concert in Budokan - Rhythm Tank on 06.03.11. For me that was her best performance to date. Will have to see the rest of May'n Go Around before I make a decision. And yes. Hero was one of her better songs.
  4. Another latest news from May'n. One of her songs from her new album - Get Tough is being used in the online game Oni Soul. And ..... believe or not there's a character by the name of May'n! (sort of priestess type character), wonder what powers she would have? (perhaps the obvious - the song to heal and boost power of friendly forces?) Anyway I'm sure fans will definitely want to use this character! But, you'll will have to purchase her latest album to get the password to unlock her! http://www.oni-soul.jp/ Pick the 3rd icon on the menu from the left, choose the female character on the main board display to see her.
  5. Here's a link to May'n latest Album : HEAT of the moment. You can sample each of the songs by clicking on the GREEN audio icon. MOST of the new songs sounds good (the new ones 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, & 12). Jewels actually sounds unusual. No 9 is a song she wrote herself which came along with her first photo book (title : number one - which she explained that even after leaving school life you still have to strive to be number one, even though you may not achieve it but it shouldn't stop you from being able to do your best! - UNITE concert in Singapore 2011) http://www.jvcmusic.co.jp/flyingdog/-/Discography/A021682/VTZL-40.html
  6. No problem! Able to share is part of the fun. Anyway, I still owe Seanzilla one question. If you have anymore just fire away! For Sherly Nome fans, this is a real treat! SHERLY NOME HAS HER OWN FAN SITE! (OFFICIAL) It's still under construction from what I can see but you can get some info about Sherly like her birthday is on NOV 29! http://www.sheryl-nome.net/news/index.html
  7. Hope that we can get a longer interview time with her in the next round.
  8. Contacted the Singapore PR again and she is still waiting for the OK from Japan, she promises to look into the matter as it has gone quite long already. Hopefully soon.......
  9. I see.....so that's where it came from. Thanks guys for the info. Hmmm....maybe I could ask her the next time she comes to Singapore. There were many really memorable moments in the Rhythm Tank comcert. One, was just before the acoustic version of 'Get Ready' when she told a 'joke' and nobody laughed but the subsequent remark did the trick. Phonic Nation seem to be a very emotional song for her as you can feel her emotions and tears coming down from her eyes. Another was during the same song, when she suddendly divert the camera to the media booth, they were caught by surprise and everyone in the hall laughed. In the making of documentary. I was really impressed by the mock up stage which they used it to practice before the real thing (in Big Waaaave, they practiced everything on a assembly hall cum basket ball court with masking tape on the floor to represent the stage area) and my favourite - May'n laid an 'egg'
  10. Recently, we have contacted the Singapore PR and they informed us that the Japan side has yet to come back to them. Looks like we have to wait some more........ Meantime, after watching Rhythm Tank (which was really good by the way) I noticed this awesome song and the crowd really went wild, I tried to look for this song but it was neither in May'n Street, Styles, nor in 'If you....' She didn't perform it during her UNITE tours. so I was wondering where this song came from? Could anyone tell where and when this song debut? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbcKW_ymx7Q&feature=related
  11. Apologies, The Singapore PR side has confirmed receiving our article a week ago but to date there's still no reply yet. I suppose it was bad timing and the folks have gone for the holidays or something like that. Anyway, I just wanted to wish everyone at Macrossworld a 'HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!'. Will keep everyone posted of the latest outcome.
  12. Apologies and really sorry for keeping everyone waiting, we were really busy with our work when we got back from AFA and as suspected, the recordings were pretty bad. We can hear May'n voice but the translator's was very soft (probably due to the fact that the recorder was nearer to May'n, and lying flat on the table, next time I think I'll put it on a stand). So I had to guess some of her answers from what May'n said and what the translator translated. After I finished that, I included the interview from another fan based group's interview (got their blessings) and sent it to the Singapore PR a few days ago but have yet to receive any reply. Anyway once we get the go ahead, it'll be posted on a new thread (we have to show them it's actually posted) We're also posting an open interview with Haruhiko Mikimoto, vanpang is currently working on it. Hope that all of this will be available soon.
  13. Come to think of it, that's the right word to describe May'n - Down to Earth. All the pictures of her that was taken during interviews, she would wear something simple (really simple - if she walked next to you in a crowd, you'll probably won't notice her!) but elegant. She looked very different from the image that you have of her during her concerts, If you've seen her Budokan concerts (Big Waaaave & Rythm Tank, the real life May'n is the one towards the end of the concert - playful, funny and friendly. As for her gesture on that day, I'll raise every glass I have!!!!
  14. Okay everyone, I'm back. There's good news and not so good ones (though I won't call it bad as in tragedy) Bear in mind that none of what transpired below will be in the official interview post (they are scrutinize by the local PR as well as those in Japan) The not so good ones first ; 1. Due to the setting in the bar room which was prone to ambient sounds (you can hear the next table's conversation) and there was something like 4 different (single/group) artise being interviewed at the same time, everyone had to speak softer than usual, our recorders were badly affected. Hopefully I don;t have to rely on memory to recall everything she replied. 2. Everyone got like 20 minutes and that's like 4 questions if they're short (question - translate - repiy - translate - answered). If it's a long one then probably 3 only. At one point May'n replied (a type of french food) which the translator (new - never worked with her before) was struggling to translate and I had to help her out, otherwise it would have dragged on. I also had to speak very fast. So overall, the offical post may be very short but we may combine our report with another similar group to lengthen the report. 3. Apologies to Seanzilla, I managed to get your message through (4) which is not actually a question (the manager laughed when I realised that it was actually a statement. ( I was planning for no. 3 and 4). It was about that time when the local PR suddendly came from behind and informed that the next should be my last question. So if it's alright with you, I'll ask her that question the next chance I get. 4. Apologies to everyone whom have asked the 'marry' question as I was hoping the translators would be Kaeda san, Mariko san or even Aiko san whom I've worked with before and trust the message would get through. Still, I think May'n would be very surprised and laughed (not in a cynical way but in an surprise/appreciative way as she's really sporting) (read further down as there was an incident at the end of the interview). Anyway you probably won't get an answer but...... Now the good part. 1. May'n was happy to hear that she has some messages from another part of the world, even her current manager was pleased. 2. I've got most of them through (one question from each person and all your messages!) 3. After the interview we passed her some items for her to sign (they didn't indicate earlier that they allow only one item per person) I've got mine signed first (her RHYTM TANK DVD - received it on the very day I was leaving for Singapore - talk about fate!) and then one of our member forgot to renew his passport and couldn't come and a 'hitchhiker' took his place and got the chance of a life time to meet her Idol face to face. The 'hitchhiker' was sitting next to me during the whole interview was still in a daze when we were getting May'n to sign. So I 'woke' her up as she had a 'Styles' CD she wanted to get signed. I passed it to May'n and was immediately stopped by her manager. I was caught by surprised and didn't know how to react, i could see the 'hitchhiker's face from 'cloud 9' to gloom and doom, then the most fantastic thing happened : May'n came to her rescue, informing her manager that the CD belongs to the 'hitchhker' which stopped her manager cold in his tracks. May'n happily signed the CD booklet and the hitchhiker was back in the heavens. She told me later she almost burst into tears when May'n stepped in. Things like these maybe trivial but if you were there at that moment, it really cement your faith in May'n. It will be sometime before the post will be in (probably a month)
  15. Your questions and messages have been compiled and sent to the PR agency handling her visit (hopefully all will be answered). Interview time is scheduled at 2pm on 11.11.11. Will get back to all of you by Monday 14th.
  16. Well, they're not allowed to have any kind of relationships until they're like 30. This seems to the standard in most of the music industry companies in the east - because these are the crucial years for them to 'bloom' and to maintain their mental stability, cause a fight or breakup would really affect their performance. As for her 'boyfriends', probably someone asked her that question and she jokingly repied ( if I'm seeing someone then it would be them). One thing I've learnt about interviewing her is that you could never really predict what she would answer and I mean really honest answers because she didn't have time to prepare them ( if you're old school PR manager, you would probably get a heart attack from some of her replies!)
  17. Will tell her your wishes personally Gian and Sharky (oh, by the way...you are not the only one who has ask me to put that question to her but.....prepare to faint when she answers YES!) : ) Anyway, my main question for May'n would be : 1. What's your first impression of Sherlysan? Is there any similarities such as personalities between yourself and your alter ego ? (Other than the fact that both of you sound the same when singing) 2. What was your reaction when you found out that Diamond Crevasse became the first of your series of your chart topping hits? Her career practically took off like a rocket after that song. Reminder : Closing date is 5th November but I will still check to see any last, last, last minute/seconds post. So don't wait any longer as I'm still in the process of getting more questions.
  18. By the way, would like to know which country are you from? At least I can let her know that there a fan in that part of the world.
  19. After Ookami-san, she did the theme song 'Shinjite Miru' for the LIVE murder/suspense movie The Incite Mill: 7-Day Death Game , after that it was for the Game : Valkyria Chronicles 3 - 'If you wished for'. Early this year, was 'Scarlet Ballet' for the anime Hidan no Aria and just lately - a song for the Kamen Rider series and a new Anime - Brain Diver
  20. Oops! Vanpang forgot to include in the closing date for all your replies - which is the 5th of November 2011. Here's Universal Bunny (full version) - BIG WAAAAAVE in Budokan 2010 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6W6PA9aTBo&feature=related This solo concert by far have her best, I suppose it's because it's in BUDOKAN (their equivalent of Carnegie Hall) and normally she gives more than 100%, but this definitely 1000% (as the song lyrics goes). If you follow the youtube thread, you'll find LION, NORTHERN CROSS, ITEZA KUJI - DON'T BE LATE and other Frontier songs from the same concert. All very well performed by her. And this just came in, from her latest solo concert in BUDOKAN (2nd time) - RHYTHM TANK - 6th March 2011 (less than a week before the Tsunami tragedy) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXxcL8kcV3U&feature=related Judging from the stage set up, it's gone up by a 1000%! And the energy has gone up 1000% too!
  21. The performance in Europe was held in Paris, France and she was part of the Japan Expo 2011. She performed like 4 songs and all of them are from Frontier. That is like a teaser/trailer, even when she performed 8 songs, it still feel like it's a trailer because she can do all of it in one go without breaking a sweat! What I would like you all to experience is a full concert (2-3 hours) I was fortunate to have gone for 2 and i'm still thirsty for more! There are chairs in the hall but nobody sits for the whole length of the concert. It's not random cheering/waving of light sticks (light stick = fun) but a coordinated event as if we all had practiced it before entering the concert hall - but have not! It's an Interactive concert! Fantastic feelings, as if the world had became one. Anyway, here is some of the latest from her which you could draw some questions from : ! Her next anime related song is the opening for BRAIN DRIVER 2.Her previous anime related one is SCARLET BALLAD for Hidan no Aria 3. She just celebrated her Birthday on the 20th. 4 She did a Kamen Rider song and rumoured to play a small part in it.http://mv.avex.jp/rider_sound/index.php 5. Next year her 2012 concert will be called May'n * Go Around
  22. If you don't know what to ask but just want to send her a general message, you can choose from these : A. We want to hear more of your songs! B. Please perform a concert in my country! C. We LOVE you! D. Job well done! These are just some of the most common ones. Just indicate A, B or C or a combination ABC This would make our job easier when we finally put all them together and present all your hopes and fervent wishes to her. IN PERSON and not over the internet where you can't be really sure who is over on the other side (she's not really good in her English) to answer you. The reason for this is that there's a 'whisper' of a World Tour concert for May'n but as to where she'll land, we're not sure. From your replies we hope It can GENERATE ENOUGH INTEREST to her company to perform there.
  23. Finally the reviews is out. Loved that Phonic Nation song too. Here's a good version of it : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_Te2yHs6gI. The person standing next to May'n is not her younger sister but one member of SEA A. You can also check out the red carpet event at There are around 10 different videos of the event recorded by different persons starting from the moment she got out of the car, the red carpet walk, to her singing Diamond Crevasse and of course Phonic Nation.
  24. There was even a really hilarious incident that happened to one of the fans as he went to the Guangzhou venue. It was fantastic how the fans there received him. Total strangers meeting for the first time and they just got along. On the day of the concert, they travel together and they even made a flag, which they proudly showed on the way to the venue. Suddenly they were stopped by the RIOT POLICE! They thought they were protesters! And they were almost thrown into the lockup! The author commented 'There would have been a RIOT if the police did that'. I couldn't stop laughing at this point. I know May'n can certainly 'cause a riot' in the concert hall but outside, that something new! Anyway, u can read the rest at http://ani-culture.net/2011/06/special-write-up-mayn-unite-tour-guangzhou/ Very well written. Make u wished u were there! RIOT and all!
  25. Enjoyed the concert! 2 hours passed by like 30 minutes or less. Brounght a newbie to the concert and he was REALLY SURPRISED to see how the crowd reacted to May'n. Just like those you see in her youtubed ones. Just can't get enough of her. Got to go to a 3 hour one!!! The downside of a side B type concert is that you can only see her from very far away. On the side A ones you can see her clearly - her eyes were teary when everyone responded 1000% to her last encore number 'Phonic Nation'
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