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  1. Someone offered me to buy his BIB VF-1J Max v.2 plus the yamato stand for $200. I don't really need the stand though. you think it's a good deal?
  2. that's a decent price to pay. i dont think i will get em at those price though, except if i can get it from my local market. the shipping cost will be a killer for me if i bought it from states
  3. very nice! i used to own this but i sold it to a good friend. now it makes me want to own it again lol
  4. sweet of the devil there's a couple for sale @ for sale & trade section. go hurry! i'll skip this one lol
  5. hoho look at that price!
  6. for these releases i guess we have to be really patient ... keep on looking. i saw em sometimes for sale in yaj, but the price can be so ridiculous, like 200 for each. i dont mind a BIB condition, really. reissue is very possible. you're not alone in the hunt my friend ...
  7. Can't wait to get my VF-X and Angel Birds
  8. just placed an order for both of em through local seller for 135 USD each including shipping
  9. Maybe HLJ is not up for it yet. Or maybe this is just another oddity. Just like when Bandai released a limited soc GX-24N years ago, turned out the items are flooding in local market. Haha whatever happened to this so called limited release. Just enjoy the opportunity to grab one with a good price
  10. true. u get grey visor either buying the VF-1J with GBP armor set or get the exclusive stand alone grey visor set
  11. got any picture of the Unicorn? got any picture of the Unicorn?
  12. got my VF-1A hayao kakizaki 2 days ago. shipping only took 3 days!
  13. that's very stupid mistake. or else very unprofessional staff/seller. can't help to think that they did it in purpose. a DX series switched to popular SOC series? cmon.
  14. how much did u get for the VF-0S incl shipping? i visited a local store today that has VF-0S with a ghost booster, for 275 usd. no intention on buying though, no budget.
  15. today it can be accessed again. just got shipping confirmation from them.
  16. Right man, can't wait to see them all lining up. 1/60 VF-1 TV ver, I still got 6 to go
  17. Let's complete the vermilion squad. Just got my VF-1A Max last week, not from HLJ though
  18. Just ordered VF-1A Hayao Kakizaki TV ver. Gotta skip VF-1A CF this time
  19. Just ordered VF-1A Hayao Kakizaki TV Ver and VF-1D trainer, can't wait get them lining up with the rest of my collection
  20. There's still a chance to get VF-1D with a decent price , compared to the Elint Seeker. The price is crazy. Just like the v2 VF-1J max and miria. I should do just like you said for the exclusive item like 1/60 Angel Birds
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