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  1. Get over it. But now that I mull it over some more, you know why the comic is better? Because with the comic Kirkland is the writer, the director, the cameraman, and the editor. He can create what he truly wants. He is not held back by budget constraints. Comic books are static things. The reader creates movement in his/her mind's eye when reading a comic book. And the story of the "Walking Dead" is more suited to the medium of the comic book. There are many pauses, and moments of reflection, that don't seem to have been translated well (or at all) in the TV series. Because film and televis
  2. Argh! I missed last night's episode. I have to wait till someone uploads it to Usenet or makes a torrent for it. :/ Yeah, if Susan is a human, that would make her the only other one besides Finn. And Finn must have found a stash of L'Oreal or something, because his hair is something else. lol
  3. lol Talk about the comic book? Who on here has read more than "a few issues"? And my argument is based on my opinion that the comic is written better than the TV series, so why wouldn't I press the point on that? Most, if not everyone, in this the thread has argued "Why should the TV series follow the comic book?" And my response has always been (or as you put it, "posting the same crap over and over") because the storylines and the characters are far superior in print; the TV series adaptation, as it stands now, is generic and boring. And that will always be my response. And for some reas
  4. I presume you are talking about Deepo, the pterodactyl looking thing? A similar bird was in the last sequence of the "Heavy Metal" movie.
  5. lolwut? How did I contradict myself? Just because I "strongly disagree" with someone, I can't think they have a "valid opinion"? Because I respect Zor's position on the matter more because he went out and got some issues? I'm at a lost here, bro. Help me out. And who's butthurt? I couldn't care less if you guys like it or not. That's not my beef; that's not the argument as I see it. I think the show is stale. Period. But apparently, you think my reaction to all this is in some way on a personal level. I "can't stand anyone that enjoys the show"? Where in the world did you get that? With
  6. I never said you (or anyone on here) don't have a valid opinion. However, I strongly disagree with anyone who says that the TV series is compelling television. Besides being the only "zombie drama" on television, what new, fresh idea has the TV series brought? It's a good thing that it doesn't air on TNT -- their motto being "We Know Drama" -- because, brother, this series doesn't have a lick of it.
  7. I applaud this. We can disagree on the television series, but since you've read more than "just a few" issues, I can respect your position on the matter.
  8. http://www.secondhan...rk_version#stat ^ This site says "Born to be Wild" has been covered 26 times. "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" has been covered 124 times. "Yesterday" has been covered 215 times. and surprisingly, "Summertime" has been covered a whopping 344 times. The site says that the stats are updated by users, so take them with a grain of salt.
  9. "Born to be WIld"? Besides the Slayer vid you posted, I don't think I've ever heard anyone cover that song. I think "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" is the most covered rock song ever. Anyone know of a website that keeps stats of this stuff?
  10. Sweet Johnson: You're dressed like a hooker! Kendl: You two would know what a hooker looks like. Carl Johnson: You say that like it's a bad thing. Sweet Johnson, Kendl: Shut up, Carl! -GTA:SA
  11. It was a great site years ago, but like the rest of the Gawker family of websites, it's gone downhill. But I suppose if all you're looking for is pics, it might suffice.
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