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  1. Selling my v1 Tornado now that I have the v2 Tornado Pack. Has some minor blemishes and a hairline fracture on one of the torso hinges which was prevalent in all v1s. Still displays wonderfully though. Asking for $80 shipped OBO. US only please.
  2. Selling my v1 VF-27 for $100 shipped! Other than the typical Bandai loose joints, the only blemish is some minor paint chipping on one of the shoulder covers. I'll be out of town until Saturday but will ship the following Monday! I can also provide a pic of the paint nicks on the shoulder cover when I return. US only please! Please PM me if interested! Thanks!
  3. Selling my v1 RVF-25 bundle and three Ghost packs for $150 shipped OBO. All are complete. The RVF-25 has one small crack on one of the backpack hinges. See below for pic. US ONLY PLEASE!
  4. Got my order in yesterday which I inked with a dark gray Sharpie which didn't seem to have any adverse effects on the plastic. The parts are holding up well and went through transformation without any hiccups. Glad to see my 0A having fully functional shoulders now. Many thanks for taking up this job!
  5. Yup, the renewal version. I have no need for the set as I preordered the Armored Set for Ozma and will be displaying that one instead.
  6. Super Parts ONLY! Factory sealed! Asking for $80 shipped anywhere in the US.
  7. Thanks for the update! I guess it's regular white for me then.
  8. Awesome! Were you able to ask about having the parts cast in grey? If grey won't be made available, would the polished white be suggested over the regular white? Which surface would be easier to paint on?
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