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  1. Emotion Style Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier: The False Diva 1/8 scale PVC statuette by Bandai Released: Late February 2010, RRP ¥6,800 (currently about AUD $70) via HobbySearch Japan and HobbyLink Japan. It came with a pink display platform (in the shape of the SMS logo), and a display stand to keep it upright. I purchased matching Emotion Style Ranka Lee as well, but haven't got time to take the statue out of the box to take a pic of it (nor do I have the display space). In fact, I'll have to put this statuette into storage as well.
  2. "Chips off the old shoulder?" Okay bad joke... and sorry to detract from the conversation about damaged hinges, but guess what? I got my Launching Missile Parts today~!
  3. My VF-1J with GPB-1S Armour arrived today! I know I should have just waited for the option kit, so I could stick on my exisiting 101 VF-1J but I... ...I got impatient... Another (proxy) supplier should be sending me the option kit with the "Itano Circus" bits sometime this month. Grand Admiral noted, that he hopes that a Low Vis Version comes out... I wonder if the Thunder Hammer will be (challenged to be) redone for the 1/60 scale?
  4. One of my favorite formats for Valk (and other collectibles) photography is "On Black". Well I just recently acquired my VF-1J Max & Milia customs so here's the latest pic:
  5. Ranka Lee | ランカ・リー Nyan-Nyan Version 1/8 scale PVC statuette figure by Megahouse (Hiromitsu Morikawa), released and acquired October 2009. Some pics for you folks to enjoy. What about my sta--- sweet buns?
  6. I got mine today (Shipped from HobbySearch (Japan to Australia) on Friday). Had it in the same order as the VF-1S low vis. Talk about great timing. Apart from spending about 20 minutes trying to carefully get the pilots into their seats, I have no complaints. Like the VT-1 the leg clip is easier to access for more fluid transformation from Battroid / Fighter. Hope you all enjoy yours.
  7. I got my VT-1 Super Ostrich yesterday! Looks good standing next to the VF-1D Trainer. Now I can't wait for the VE-1 and the Virgin Road... Question for the modellers/customizers out there: I'm thinking of maybe painting an extra VF-1 Super & Strike FAST pack that I have lying around in this colour scheme to beef up the -1D, but it would be great to know the official colour pallete (I don't make models nowadays, so a brand and colour number would be great) (saves me bringing the thing out with me to the hobby shop to try and find a match).
  8. Sagittarius @ 9PM - Don't Be Late! I dunno if they'll ever make the "Bison" version, (or a Sheryl outfit for Bison - lol! - good one) but I used some Photoshop trickery and mocked this up for us.
  9. Excellent! Sheryl Nome came in the post on Friday. I am quite pleased the quality of it and do recommend it if one is a PVC figure collector, though I do wonder if they will release an alternate red version? Might be a job for the customizers out there? I with Sheryl out of the box, I also took the opportunity to take a pic of Minmay (CM's Corporation, released earlier this year). It sits neatly next to my DYRL? VF-1S's I look forward to the Megahouse Ranka Lee in November.
  10. I acquired mine last week (and received it in the mail yesterday) for a reasonable price through eBay (paid USD $45.99 including airmail shipping). Just by looking at at the (most awesome) graphics, many things make sense, and I wish I knew more Japanese so I could appreciate the content, especially the specs for the VF-1G. Now I've only had a glance at it, yes there are pictures - lots of pictures, and the photo-realism is just superb. Language barrier aside I am quite glad I scored a copy.
  11. G'day folks. I've just discovered this thread and I just wanted to say hello and it's kinda nice to know there are some (real) local Macross fans. I've only recently re-discovered Macross, (having been brought up with Robotech) and have been steadily collecting the Yamato 1/60 scale Valks and some Destroids. and the Revoltech Yamaguchi's from Kaiyodo Photos of my collection need some updating (with my VF-1D, VF-11B, VF-1A's others that are on pre-order...) but you can see my collection here on Flickr. If MAC AUS CON 2010 is Sydney I'll definitely drop by and say hello - especially if that 1/2000 SDF-1 has been produced. All the best with your planning in the meantime.
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