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  1. Point taken. By the way, I think $180.00 is insane for any toy. I just felt that if you had to spend that much money, at least you would be getting something with quality. I hate this hobby with all of my heart, but I still do it. Granted everybody should like what they like, but still I wish peole would at least give it achance. Who knows, maybe Bandai will come out with better carnations.
  2. I'm glad you're on board with me (unlike some others already). Maybe they are rugged and I'm just scared. I just think for the money we are spending, we can get some more quality like better plastic and more metal. Metal is always nice. It's like my friend always says, "the heavier something is, the more quality it will have". By the way, nice meeting you.
  3. That's cool. I figured as much. I just wish people wouldn't always alienate everything that is out there. There will probably never be a perfect line out there, but c'mon the way people are bashing this line is kinda rediculous in my opinion. It's like I said before, I do love my Yamato toys, but the quality is very poor. So yeah, some things can always be improved on here and there, but can they do it with quality? I thought you guys wanted your moneys worth. Question yourself. Are you getting your moneys worth? So express your tastes and express your views all you want, just like I will.
  4. Yeah, I figured as much. I still wanted to get a good point across though.
  5. I personally am getting a little tired of everybody (well alot) complaining about these toys! Personally I think they look great so far. I know I have to wait to get one in my hands, but I do believe that Bandai does make some nice durable toys. I currently own just about every carnation of Macross toy, and have been kind of dissapointed in the Yamato lines. The first 1/60 line was kinda cool, but sucked for the fact that you had to pull the legs off to transform. Then came the 1/48 scale. I blew a ton of cash on those, only to be scared to mess with them because of the lack of quality. You pa
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