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  1. Hello,

    many thanks for your messages ! :D

    No side numbers on the nose?

    It looks totally Navy except the missing side numbers and maybe the tail codes.

    Yes, you're right. The idea was to make something inspired from a low-viz us navy tomcat,, but it is clear that is not accurate.

    We don't see you often on the Robotech Collection or Macross France Fan Club forums, don't hesitate to come again and post your work B))

    hello camarade. I have created a post on robotechcollections.fr.

    Best regards,

  2. Thanks !

    It is my first VF-1 from Hasegawa. Some phasis of the building a not really a pleasure, but things are nearly over, so... For the next time, I will try to simplify few steps, especially for the thruster...

    Another step I don't like... the landing gear :



  3. Hello,

    Here is the very beginning of a long time project : create a 1/700 scale model of the stealth frigate SSV Normandy SR-2, seen in the video games "Mass Effect" 2 and 3:


    source : http://www.deviantart.com

    I have found some documents on the web, with some 3 view sheets, but nothing immediatly useful. So, I have decided to start from an official desk model I have ordered, pretty well done and detailed for the size (17 centimeters):


    With little efforts, I have started to make my own plans, with the only data I have found concerning the "real" ship, the total length, 384 meters. With an excel sheet, I transform the desk model dimensions (1/2259), in order to have the datas for a 1/700 model:


    Thanks for reading.


  4. Hello,

    here is the Comanchero from Neptune Models, cast by John F. Moscato, that I have just received from Starship Modeler :hail: :


    The box art :

    One of the seats :
    The front and rear cockpits :
    The blades :
    The weapon bay (I will probably close the doors), where 2 missiles can be stored :
    Tha area below the main rotor disk :
    The decal sheet :
  5. Hello !

    Decals are in place, most of them. After many fears and mmmh... "bad words", here is the result :


    I have "lost" one of the red "J" supposed to be on the 2 vertical fins, but it is not a big issue I think.

    Nearly finished, see you for the final pictures.

  6. Looks great.

    Do you think your decals still work? I started making vector art of them and can dig them out if you want to print them for yourself.

    Thanks !

    for the decals, I hope so... the sheet seems ok,. But, just in case, it would be great to have a spare option.

    your offer is much appreciated, thanks ! I would let you know.


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