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  1. Hello,

    Here is the beginning of the F-14KAI Tomcat - Lt. Shin Kudo and his RIO Lt. Edgar La Salle, Squadron UNSF-225 on board the Illustria, ca. 2008.



    ... but mainly the much better F-14D Fujimi kit, with different interesting options :


    Starting with the "office":





    A little modification of the figures :



    The main work :






    more work to do :


    Thanks for reading me.


  2. Hello,

    I know this kind of quest is going to be long and difficult...

    So... if anyone can help me to find this rare kit.

    I have found my graal !

    Many many thanks to thegunny.

    Best regards,


  3. I think the tape cost more than the paint ^_^
    Maybe ! But My badger and I are not very sharp, so I prefer "over tape" in order to not nullify my job !

    J'éspére que je prendra pas mal si je me sers de ce digital camo sur mon 51 aussi?
    No problem, you are free to try it !

    Just for information what did you do for the under side
    Actually, just a base coat of grey. I am about to spray some Gunze 311.

    Thanks everybody, and see u soon for new pics.

  4. Hello,

    new pics, showing the different steps of paint :





    And the quite impressive quantity of removed tape :wacko: :


    Next steps : little correction with a brush, before a coat of klir (future), in order to protect the upper surfaces from the necessary masks for the last step of painting.

    Thanks for reading.

  5. herve, love the cockpit job.....for the body graphics, r u planning on using decals or painting them on? anyways, very enthusiastic to see the final outcome....keep it up

    I will paint, using (a lot of) Tamiya tape :wacko: :


    Actually, the SV-51 has received several layers of light grey, in order to mask the awful pink... ;)

    See you soon for new pics.

  6. Hello,

    few pics of my present work : the SV-51 from Hasegawa.

    Very little changes, The main goal is to apply a special paint, inspired by those views (I will keep the anti-UN markings). The kit is now ready for the paint :



    Flanker/Fulcrum family... style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/wink.gif


    Thanks for reading.

  7. Not bad, it's a really nice build (on the link). Only two complaints : 1 is that it's a little to clean for my tastes, I like my valks dirty! And 2, that if you're going to put that much effort into a kit, please drill out the holes for the airbrake. I did on my VF-0S battroid I'm working on, and it adds so much depth to the torso...looks a lot cooler than paint.

    Herve, I'm so glad you posted this, as I'm building the exact same kit, and just started working on it again after a LONG hiatus from building (because I'm lazy). I'm painting/washing now, and I'm just finishing up the torso and head. I really like the color you got on the feet. Is it Alcad?

    Hi ,

    the VF-0S is on stand-by... many other projects in the same time... and actually working on a SV-51.

    Excillion, many thanks for the advice on the airbrake, I will do it. For the feet, yes it is Alclad... but I have to work on it for a better look.

    And for the clean paint, don't worry I will apply a weathering later.

  8. I was wondering if you by any chance have a VF-25 kit as well? I would really like to see those two kits next to each other. They should be about the same size, right?
    Hi SDF-ONE,

    a friend of mine is building the VF-25 in the same time. We will certainly take some pictures of the two side by side once finished.

    Many thanks for the link.



  9. Keep us posted, looks great so far!! B)) This and the VF-0C are the only Mac Zero kits I do not have yet.
    many thanks to everybody ! :)

    The kit is really good, the assembly needs only little mastic, and few panel lines have to be rescribe. I think that I'm going to paint the black stripes on the different parts (legs, body, and arms), in order to have a more realistic issue. It is my first macross kit, usually I make quarter scale aircrafts models.



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