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  1. Me too! I wouldn't mind if the version 2 is of 1/48 scale, but not 1/60. But I doubt if Yamato can make a larger model; 30cm is around how big a toy should get before it it unwieldy. And it transforms! But obviously, 1/60 is better for business; 1/48 is a bit expensive as a toy and would be an entry barrier. And we all know once you get the first one, you get a dozen. And for certain less-popular models, it would be more difficult to sell too. *sigh* I am one of the few who thinks that the 1/48 Battroid mode looks better. The 1/60 is a bit delicate and more toyly in appearance to my taste, and the 1/48 is more menacing with the size and larger chest plate. Still, I am going to collect the 1/60 v2 too. So successful, Yamato!
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    I just bought my Ivanov a couple of hours ago too. So massive even when compared to my 1/48 VF-1S! I struggled between Nora and Ivanov too. From the design point of view, I like Nora much better with the color and more importantly, the golden feathers. I basically decided to buy the Nora. But then I came by a discussion forum, and saw some pictures of the Ivanov. So sinister! In fighter stand-by mode (vertically placed on the display stand), it looks like a coffin; and my favorite is the gerwalk mode, that it looks like a giant crow. Imagine this crow threatening the 1/60 VF-1S! Never like the battroid mode in either color though. But for certain, the Ivanov is more evil. It was a difficult choice to buy Ivanov, Nora or buy both. I have already run out of spaces!
  3. I am still waiting for the Kakizaki TV version to come out! Now my TV squad can be completed! Sometimes I wonder if Yamato would care and dare to release Angelbird (no offense to AB lovers, but apparently this is an obscure model), why wouldn't they release Max TV/ Kakizaki TV first?
  4. Huh? Isn't that a stupid policy? That means if I have 3 defective parts, I should ask 2 friends to submit the other 2 requests for me? Who is the one benefited? The ones who do the delivery.
  5. I think when ghostryder mentioned "menacing", he didn't refer to how posable it is, but rather how the model is designed to look. At least I feel it that way. Again, I know the 1/60 v2 is revised to look more balanced; but the bigger chest plate of 1/48 models gave me that menacing feel (I used "towering" in my original post) that I would miss in the coming 1/60 series. I know this is all about personal preference, and I am one of the minorities from what I've learnt in this thread. But I do feel it that way!
  6. [Edit by Hurin -- Poll added] I have been collecting the 1/48 lines and am happy with my purchases. To me, it is a pleasure to look upon the stacked big boxes which definitely look like collectors' items (especially those of the VF-1S(F), VF-1A(H) and VF-1A(M)). And then, Yamato is repeating the whole process again with a new line of 1/60. Unarguably, it is an improvement over the 1/48 models, and I gave in and decided to pay a monthly fee to Yamato in the coming few years. However, personally I am still rather fond of the 1/48 series: - Size does matter. It just doesn't feel the same. Imagine a PG Gundam and a MG Gundam. The latest MG may sport a nicer refined design, but the PG just has its unique charm. Look at those big boosters of the FAST pack! - I know both of them are TOYS; but to me the 1/48 version looks more a collectors' item, and the 1/60 more a toy. Both from the views of packaging and the model itself. - The 1/60 is revised to be more balanced, and so in particular the chest plate size has been reduced. However, I like the 1/48 chect plate design better somewhat for feeling more towering and powerful. Of course I know the 1/60 has many merits too, and also going 1/60 means Yamato is bringing in units that they wouldn't produce in 1/48 otherwise. I just want to point out that the 1/48 hasn't lost its value entirely. At least to me. I am wondering if anyone shares the same thought with me, or most people think 1/60 wins hands down in every aspect?
  7. Good that I hesitated too... I remember the first batch of 1/48 VF-1S had its share of problems too, which were fixed later. I am awaiting my re-release of SS VF1S in coming December! With experiences from previous 3 batches (SS 1S, 1S, 1J), I believe this release should be solid.
  8. Do we need to send in the broken part as proof (shipping costs money!)? Or just a photo is fine? In fact, I had my VF-1S head broken yesterday. The broken part is actually where the ear piece plugged into the side of the head; the shaft wrecked in the middle (I think I did a poor job in describing). I glued it and it seems to be fine now, but I am unsure when it would fall off again. I took the risk and transformed into fighter mode (we all know what it is like to turn that head around and downward through the hole, and now I have a broken gun barrel piece to worry about) and put it back into the box for the moment. I have no idea why it was broken in the first place. I wasn't even touching it when it fell off!
  9. From the "coming soon" leaflet I saw outside the shops, the line up thus far is Super VF-1J, VF-1J (yes, they schedule these into 2 different months as 2 products), Defender, and VF-1D. I think VF-1D would be out around Feb 09. I might have seen the VF-1S (Hikaru), but I am not sure now. Bad memory! BTW, I am waiting for my 1/60 Strike VF-1S in Dec. Not in a rush to get it now and paying extra; I am still more fond of my 1/48 big toys.
  10. CTMA is a great place for toy-lovers. There is another place called In's Point, which is around 10-15 minutes' walk from CTMA. Also lots of toys shop there. In particular there is one shop there quite well-known for a relatively good collection of Yamato Macross toys with a good price. If you are looking for specific models, just name it and I would check for you. I live just across the street!
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