(Last updated 20th February 2006)

Welcome to the Macross World Attack Team -MWAT (I picked up the name from my favorite Macross doujinshi..LOL!). Special part upgrades, fan collections - basically everything that doesn't fit in a specific category I put in here! If you want to become a member please PM Shawn or Graham.

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Parts History
Parts Exchange


Anonymous - Custom Yamato 1/72 YF-19
Bobby Goldie - Custom Bandai 1/100 VF-2SS Model
Garoquel - Logos & Link Banners
Greg Lane - Custom 1/55 VF-1D
Michael Tom - Custom Macross Models
John Moscato - Macross & other model kits
John Moscato - 1/32 Legioss Project (Cancelled)

Martin Venter - Unfinished CG Valk
Mr. Anime - Various Macross Model Kits
Nick Chen - Tanmen SD Valk & other Macross items
Richard Burney - Macross Rocket
Romano Jesus - Reds/Arii 1/24 Scale VF-1S
Lee Shee Min - Macross Model Collection

Tony Yao - Custom 1/6 Scale Isamu Dyson Figure
Rosario Love - Custom 1/55
Thomas Bryson - Custom 1/3000 DYRL type SDF-1 & VF-3000
Swoosh - Custom Bandai HCM
Werner Marcus - Scratch Built YF-21 (Unfinished)
Wing Commander Chen - Macross Video Game
Carl Hoff's
Mospeada Tread Toy