Richard Burney's Macross Rockets

Richard Burney has combined his Macross Hobby with his Rocketry passion in a very unique and impressive way. More pictures of his rockets can be seen at Nam Go's Valkyrie Factory. I personally think he is insane (haha!) but at the same time I am completely mesmorized at the power of these rockets. His alias on the MW Forums is "Apollo Leader".

I'm trying to convince him to launch a Yamato YF-21 into low earth orbit so we can simulate the Macross Plus movie finale. : )




Also-we've got video! :)
Finally(after 1 year!) loaded up his Macross Plus rocket Maiden flight-here it is! CLICK ME
Its zipped up and in Realplayer format- 3.61MB


Ver 2.0


April 15th , 2001

I got around to finishing up the new set of stickers for the Macross Plus rocket a week ago and got them applied last night. Now it's looking like a billboard for some of the major Macross fan sites! I've attached a picture I took of all the finished decals. Most everybody that I'm addressing in this email who happens to have a Macross web site or page has been represented... I even got the images from Keith's "License Fire!" banner! (Thanks, Keith:)). A very special thanks to Jeremy Lapus (Macross Plus Area Seven) for all those Macross Plus images he has up on his site... most of the scenes from Macross Plus that are used on the Macross Plus rocket were downloaded from his site!

As it looks like right now, Macross Plus will probably fly either this Saturday or Sunday (weather pending of course). Like the first two flights, the motor will be the Aerotech K550. After I get pictures of Macross Plus with it's new set of stickers applied and of it's next flight, the pictures will probably be posted on The Valkyrie Factory and Macross World (thanks Nam and Shawn for letting me display my stuff:)).

What's beyond this? As it looks like right now, my classic Macross themed rocket (which will be my Level 3 Certification project) will probably be my main project for 2002. I was hoping to build and fly it this year, but I currently have numerous other things on the burner and my wallet is kind of tied up:(. Besides, it will be good timing for the Macross 20th anniversary!

Some good news though, I am seriously planning on making some semi scale model rockets of the RMS-1 reflex (nuclear) missiles used by the VF-1! I hope to get to work on these over the summer. As it turns out, the Shogakukkan DYRL Preview book has approximately 1/72nd scale drawings of the RMS-1 (compared in scale to an AIM-54 Phoenix) so that will be the bassis for my design(s). If anyone reading this email has more scale data for ANY of the air-to-air missiles used on the VF-1, please pass it my way.

Again, thanks for everyone's support!

Richard aka "Apollo Leader"








Ver 1.0

thm_rb10031.jpgthm_rb10035.jpgthm_rb1.jpg thm_rb10033.jpg


thm_rb10024.jpgthm_rb10025.jpg thm_rb10026.jpg thm_rb10027.jpg thm_rb10028.jpg

September 09, 2000

Okay. Some of you already know about this, but Macross Plus flew again last Sunday. The place was 8 miles south of Argonia, KS. Just like in Texas, it was 105 to 110 degrees during Saturday and Sunday (sizzle!).

I got the altimeter all wired up the night before. Fortunately, the guy who stores my large rocket motors got there late Saturday night with my Aerotech K550 reload. Sunday, though hot, was a VERY calm day. The rocket was ready for flight right before 11:00 in the morning. On the flight card, I added at the extra message of "Dedicated to all pioneers..." at the bottom of the card. The message was read over the PA system when the flight was being announced. I almost had to postpone the flight by an hour or so when after setting the rocket on the pad and hooking up the igniter, I turned on the altimeter and to my horror there was no beeping! I turned it off and switched it on again. To my relief the altimeter started to chirp and I knew I was in business.

Just like the first flight it reached an altitude of about 2,200 feet. Also like the first flight, I suffered a small zipper on the forward tube where the shock cord yanked on it, but I'll have it fixed with a few hours work. Decent was smooth, and other than the zipper, she's in great shape. Fortunately no Harmony Gold representatives present to sabbotage the event!

Macross Plus is planned to be put on display at the LaVista, NE Hobbytown over the fall and winter months. I plan on flying Macross Plus again next spring. The motor might be an Aerotech K1100.

What's beyond this? Super Dimension Rocket Macross, of course! Construction of this even bigger rocket should start within the next number of months. The scheme this time will be classic 1980's Macross. The 20th anniversary of the TV series is approaching fast! There's a chance I might write an article for Extreme Rocketry magazine telling the whole story behind these rockets. I might even send some pictures to Animerica magazine and see if they'll print them!

Again, I would like to thank everbody for all the support I've been given. Pictures of Macross Plus and VF-X are currently on the Valkyrie Factory (along with part of my Macross collection)... more to come! Shawn of Macross World has indicated that he'll put the actual VHS footage of the maiden flight from June on display in his site (that's if the postal service will get the tape out to him :(. Again, thanks for all the support!

Richard Burney