Thomas Bryson
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Project #1 : Macross DYRL 1/3000 Conversion

Thomas made these custom DYRL pieces entirely out of cardboard for a 1/3000 Macross toy!

Here are a couple pictures early in the conversion project
thm_dyrlconversion1.jpg thm_dyrlconversion2.jpg thm_dyrlconversion4.jpg thm_dyrlconversion3.jpg


Here is the completed Macross!

Project #2 : VF-3000 Crusader

His next project was to tackle the VF-3000 Crusader! More pics soon!

Hi there Shawn! Well I've done it again! This might be one of my best work yet.
About a month ago I was reading up on your Translations article on your website and was intrigued. I was especially interested in the article about the VF-3000.
I notice that there were only a few prototype toys made. Well since there is no toy out of that design that I decided to make my very own nontransformable VF-3000 in Battroid mode!!!

By using what little information from your site I managed to get a 3 dimensional outlook on it. I started out building it using the rough draft sketch. Then I notice that there was another more detail drawing of it from the upcoming Dreamcast game "M3". Well I decided to go for that design. Of course my material is cardboard! The entire figure is made from it except the head turrents(guns). They are made from plain paper. The figure stands about 12 and a half inches. Hell, the gun itself is about 7 and a half inches long!! It can be removed. And the head and wings can move as well.

Now the pics I sent you are in the prepainting stage. I will send you the final pics to you once I have completed painting.


Project #2 : VF-3000 Crusader-Final Painted

Hey Shawn! What's up! Thought I send you some pics on my almost finished VF-3000! I should of waited till I was completely finished but I just couldn't wait to show it to you! I figure you couldn't wait to see it either :) At the last minute I decided to change the paint scheme to one that everybody in the world of Macross would recognize. So I figured I would paint it to that famous Valkyrie of them all, "Skull 1" piloted by Roy Fokker!!! Let me know what you think of course!