Tony Yao

1/6 Scale Scratch Build Isamu Dyson figure

Tony brought this incredible figure to our MWCon2 event this July-and won his category in the toy contest of course!
The quality and detail of this toy is incredible-even more so in person. It looks like a real production Macross item.
Lets hope someone takes a look and considers putting it into production!
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Interesting facts from Tony about the project

* Isamu's outfit (jump suit & vest) is designed using 30 different pattern pieces.

* The outfit is actually made from a $150.00 worth of real designer "off the rack" clothing such as "Ralph Lauren, Polo, DKNY, GAP, & Stussy"
I cut up these clothes to suit my needs based on texture, feel, & color.
Fabric stores did not have the right materials, so I had to turn to real clothing!

* It was my 1st real completed head sculpt, made from super sculpey.
I started another head sculpt awhile back before this , but it is still WIP.

* Just to design & create the packaging took a week. I did not have the correct M+ font for the letters
that spell "Isamu Alva Dyson," so I had o scan a full paragraph from the DVD booklet, pull the
alphabet letters out individually, & clean them up in Photoshop in high resolution, to create the name with the right M+ look.

* There will be other Macross & Macross Plus follow up 12" characters on the way ... !!!

"That's all folks!"

"I have many knives ... and all of them are sharp!"