Nick Chen

This is the Tanmen Resin SD Vf-1. I kinda messed up the clear canopy so I just afixed it in an open position.
I can't wait for a SD Strike, YF-21 and YF-19. I also made a little photoshop creation with my SD Valk. Enjoy



Here is a picture of my modified gunpod on the Valkyrie like it should be in plane mode.


To go along with my SD VF-1S I thought I should make my SD VF-1J with my 1/55 scale head. Check it out



I got a free vinyl taktoku Pahlynx from Ray miller for getting him 3 bootleg valks. I used a gundam marker and some german grey paint to touch up the toy. check it out




Here are pics of my VF-1S The only thing I need now is a skull and cross bones for the canopy/heat shield. I also included my Max custom. It is kinda dirty cause I am an impatient builder. the paint did not really set and I didnt spend much time sanding the bootleg. Other than that you will see my meager attempts at making louvers for the thrusters and intakes. Not too bad for two 5 dollar bootlegs.




Here is the coolest boot leg around!!!!! I just got Rob's armor in the mail today. I got parts of the original armor for 100 dollars including a jetfire On ebay a while back. I gave rob 5 bootlegs for the rest of the armor casted in resin/vinyl. They are superb. they are so magnificent I don't want to paint them hehe I will paint them of course. But it is so nice. I also included pics of my new set up for the Under carriage gunpod. Instead of the over the shoulder paper clip straps I just glued in a slab of plastic, drilled two holes in the arme and have the arms sandwich the plastic tabs. It still has the same effect.