Rosario Love

Rosario is another one of our very talented 1/55 conversion experts-wow!
Please check out his new homepage here too!


I've been working little by little on a lot of 1/55 projects lately. I'm only able to work on things whenever I'm not working (which is all the time), so my pace is typically slow at the moment. With a ressurgence of Macross Fandom, it is now all the more exciting to be part of the creative aspect that makes Macross what it is to us fans.

But Even with the debut of the new Yamato Valkyries and Toynami Valks, to me, 1/55 Bandais/Takatokus will always be my favourite because of their size, play value, and sentimental nostalgic value...PLUS, they have so much more potential! It is my dream to make mass-produced custom parts that can turn an everyday Jetfire into an Ultimate Detailed Macross Valk!

Besides a custom nose mold and superostrich armour molds, I've been working on new parts for the VF-1 itself inspired by the detailed features of the Club-M Ultimate Strike and the Hasegawa 1/72 Valks. Such special parts I'm working on include new detailed chestplates, feet, cockpits, and wings, some of which will have new MOVING parts!.....

I'm thinking about possibily making some playsets, accessories, and more weapons and moving parts for my personal collection.......You'll have to check my home page for periodic updates, but I guarantee you, it won't be disappointing! I might be able to make a set for you as well-email me if interested!
It's always fun to share ideas with fellow enthusiasts, and I enjoy being part of the Macross Fever. Viva Macross! 1/55's forever!