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3D Zentradi Battle Pod Reguld (WIP)

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The CryEngine is used for LOTS of things that aren't FPS'es. The new Soul Calibur uses the CryEngine as well.

oh i see.. i actually only play fps game :p and 3d modelling for me is strictly for tv commercial.. it's nice to have a fellow 3d modeller in a different genre of job :)

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Some people made a VF-1 Robotech mod for Armed Assault. Now I'm working on Zentradi mod for Unreal Engine 3 (Unreal Tournament 3 Engine) and Cryengine 3 (Crysis 2 Engine).

I made a Gundam Mod as addon for DesertCombat mod for Battlfield 1942 before...


Here Cryengine 3 works:



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