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  1. Some nice footage of one of my favorites...
  2. Looks unbearable...which is pretty standard for anything involving Rogen or Franco. Them together?...instant pass.
  3. Beautiful shot of some Danish F-16s... http://theaviationist.com/2014/09/01/rdaf-f-16-aurora-borealis/
  4. Wonder if the worker wanted to crawl under a rock somewhere afterwards? http://theaviationist.com/2012/05/14/foam-party/
  5. Last night's ep was a real showdown for who was most annoying, Dale or Carl...this episode was the first that made me want to be able to reach through the televison and smack someone, and that's really saying something with this series. I've liked Rick up until this point, but if he(and Herschel) hadn't had to be so noble, and had just left the little Azzhole back in town, they wouldn't be in this situation. Leave it to Glenn to be the voice of reason, although little good it did
  6. Classics figures of the rest of the Thundercats & Mutants would be great...re-releasing the old thundertank would be even better
  7. Absolutely looking forward to seeing this one...never been crazy about Ryan Gosling, but danged if this doesn't look like the role that will REALLY put him over the top.
  8. That interview made me happy...as long as Bandai is considering giving us Mummra's tank, they might as well release that Feliner type aircraft too And I really like how this series is coming along. But for the love of Thundera, stop with Lion-O's "Whiskers!"..it just sounds so cheesy.
  9. Nice..some very interesting titles there! A couple of them sound like they could be an homage to the original series
  10. Because, like me I enjoyed this ep...didn't feel THAT heavyhanded, to me anyway.
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