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  1. I remember finding this when looking for info on some Macross CDs back in my teenage years, but I don't remember why I initially decided to register and begin posting.
  2. I grew up with Robotech. However, I definitely prefer Macross over it ever since I saw it. The main thing that turned me over to Macross was how much the personalities of the characters seemed to change. I hated Minmay with all my being in Robotech. She came off as a completely self-centered brat, but when I saw Macross, she was more nice and "real" than she had seemed in Robotech and I felt sorry for her at the end instead of laughing at her.
  3. Were the FX subs really the best ones? A guy that did distributing thought I should go with MAC or something, but I had prior experience with FX and liked them. I know the subs aren't perfect (I watched the fansubs of M7 at least 8 times all the way through before I got the DVDs), but are they the best out of all the groups that released M7 on DVD?
  4. If my Animeigo DVDs spontaniously combust, I might look into it.
  5. Man, don't scare me like that!! I thought maybe Macross7 had turned me gay! Not for nothing but if that blonde number is a dude it's one dude I would do! Okay, I found this though and it makes me feel better: Geppernich The principal enenmy, Geppernich is a protodevilin whose dreram of a "Spiritia Farm" begins the whole series of attacks on Macross 7 (and Macross 5 as it turns out) and eventually turns her into a "Spirita Black Hole" which threatens to eat up the entire galaxy. Geppernich' gender is an issue as she seems to be a she but from time to time is referred to as a he...? Check out my site in my signature for Protodevelin details. If you notice spelling errors and such, that's because I haven't updated it in YEARS. The History section needs to be revamped. EDIT: my geocities account just maxed it's bandwidth for that site. I guess some of you guys were checking it out @_@ I have a .com now, so I'll be moving it to there later.
  6. VF-11 Full Armor =) The character progression and developments Cliffhanger endings Max and the Bridge Bunnies
  7. I went with DYRL Minmay. I was going to chose Millia, but she can't cook, plus she turns into a real nag when she's older. My third choice was Rex, but purely for looks
  8. I can't wait for the wallpaper function. I made a poll at PSPupdates (I'm Station there) to see who thought Sony would make a wallpaper feature in one of their patches and everyone seemed to doubt it. Have faith in the company you bought a console from.
  9. I didn't know some other macross fans were going to Comic-Con or others lived in San Diego. I would have tried to meet up with some of you.
  10. I can think of one thing I haven't seen a picture of that I'd like to see. Exo, did you get a picture of the giant Gloomy Bear? My friend bought a plush and got a poster autographed by the creator. He loves those weird things.
  11. I have Max's VF-1A Super Gerwalk, the Orange Battroid mode one and the Skull Leader gerwalk. I wanted to get the Skull Leader battroid mode, but never did. The toy was too expensive for something that could either transform only half way or not at all. Plus, the back panel on my battroid ended up falling off from wear. They were pretty flimsy. My Skull Leader gerwalk's top popped off and the wings never came back. No, I didn't really try to break them, they just fell from a maid cleaning or from earthquakes that we have here in California. I forgot when I bought them, but it was before I found out about Macross and thought they were Robotech toys. So probably 1999.
  12. For those of you that go to Anime Expos also, it's insane how much larger the San Diego Convention center is compared to the Aneheim and Long Beach CCs. Took like 5 minutes to get to different booths on each end.
  13. Was that the giant Veritech at the con? I thought that was an Alpha fighter, but then again, I haven't watched New Generation in years.
  14. Some booth was selling those VF-17 and VF-19 Kai transformable toys for about 90-120 dollars. If I remember correctly, various vendors at Anime Expo were offering the same for only 50. Did I miss a sudden spike in the value of this product?
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