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  1. Been a long time since Ive been part of Macross collecting. Sold out the vast majority of my toys quite a few years back, but I found a box of some leftovers I had apparently forgotten about including a few Transformers and Macross goodies. No idea what the current value of anything is anymore, so any advice is appreciated. Bandai 1/55 re-issue Super Valk with box and all parts. Transformed a few times, nothing broken. Could only find one on Ebay, so that doesnt seem to be a great source of info on potential value Thanks
  2. You won't go wrong with the PSL. I have one (older one with a Cugir reciever) and I love mine, even down to the 4x POSP scope. Shooting surplus is no big deal at all out of a PSL. Its just an oversized RPK action, so just run a little soapy water down the barrel and the gas tube before you clean it that night to nuetralize the corrosive salts and you are good to go. You can still find tins of 7.62x54 at Aimsurplus, Classicarms, or J&G Sales to name but a few for around $80-90 for 440 rounds. You may be aware of this, altough many in the US call it a sniper rifle, its actually a designated marksman rifle. Its not held to tight sniper standards and consequently the vast majority of PSL's will shoot anywhere from 2-4 moa.. Good enough for longer range hits on man sized targets, just don't expect tiny little groups and you won't be dissapointed.
  3. Mods, I also placed an ad for this in the wanted section, so if you feel it is inappropriate here feel free to delete- My wife is a big My Little Pony collector and at this years Comicon convention there will be an exclusive superhero pony at Hasbros booth. I am looking for a member who is going to the con who could pick up 2x of the pony for my wife. We would of course pay you in advance, plus a little extra for your time, and shipping to my house. If there are any members gong to the con who can help a fellow MW member out please let me know--
  4. HI-- Been out of Macross collecting for several years now and am finally liquidating some of my older Macross stuff that is not my all time favorites, but since I have not been collecting I have no clue on some values-- Got both of these from Yahoo Japan years back (Probably around 2000) Any help would be appreciated Item #1 complete set of 6 Arii SD valk kits, unbuilt, parts still in sealed bags. Item #2 Bandai RoboChanMan motorized SD strike valk kit. Has big west sticker on it. Has a 1985 date. parts still in sealed plastic bag, with slightly damaged instruction sheet and unused sticker sheet
  5. Just had a great experience with Agent-GHQ He went out of his way to get me a convention exclusive from Comic Con, which I was unable to attend. Very nice to deal with and really went above the call to do this. Thanks--
  6. Well I think I may be getting into another! collecting field. I am seriously addicted to being a collector, but that is besides the thread topic. I am looking to get into the miniture military model collecting. Like 1/32 WWII armor mostly, but possibly some 1/18 stuff as well (the planes in that scale are just freaking awesome). I am an absolute history nut, especially WWII, so the subject is perfect for me. The ones I am looking at are the kind like Ultimate Soldier, and Forces of Valor. They seem pretty well detailed, good paint apps and such. Here is an example of some of the 1/32 armor from Ultimate Soldier Cold Steel line- I am hoping that some of you out there are collecting these. Are they worth getting into? Are they a huge money drain (doesn't seem too bad, maybe $20 each for 1/32 armor) Any advice on them from colelctors would be appreciated, as I am still kinda undecided on the whole affair--
  7. High School Social Studies teacher in a juvenile prison near Cleveland, Ohio. It's the only teaching job around where part of your orientation training is in hand to hand unarmed combat.
  8. Yeah Mercenaries was an absolute pain in the #&@ I stopped trying after a while. The Chicago Typewriter and Infanite Rocket Launcher were good enough to whet my bloodlust for senseless violence.
  9. I need some of the sage advice from you old school Macross collectors. As I was trolling through Ebay, I came across a very reasonably priced BIN for Jetfire parts, with a unknown Macross jet added to boot. I think it may be a 1/100 from Bandai, but really I don't know. Anyone have a clue what it is I just bought
  10. I'm through episode 12 on the series, eagerly awaiting the last one! The two girl assasins just plain rocked with that cold sense of cruelty and heartlessness to others, juxtaposed with a warmth and tenderness in regards to each other. The ultimate yin and yang, all wrapped up into one. I have gone back and rewatched those episodes with them in it again and again
  11. I sooo much more liked the series than the movie. The movie was altered considerably from the series, and felt very rushed, and pieced together. Anime has shown us time and time again that you shouldn't cram the equivilent of 8 1/2 hours of anime footage into a 2 hour movie. It would be like saying that you could fit all of the Lord of the Ring trilogy in one movie. Sure it could be done, but you loose so much of the character development, the interactions, and all the deep layered storyline. It would feel cheap, and incomplete. And that was the biggest problem I feel with The Vision of Escaflowne. No real chance to really develop the characters, the love Quadrangle interaction between Hitomi, Van, Allen, and Merle, or even the bond between Van and Escaflowne. Also, I didn't like the "new" direction the movie went, with a decidedly shift to grittier, angst ridden characters. It lost much of the original fantasy and love themes that the series featured prominently. To top it all off, we don't get to see much of the best character in the whole series, Dilandau.
  12. Okay that makes sense in a way. Pilgramage point wasn't anything special other than Yurii's home. BTW does one of the aliens eventually make it to pilgramage point? And thanks guys, you just freed up a couple of hours better spent watching more interesting anime (currently Dual, Parrallel Universe)
  13. Okay here is the deal. A while back I started watching this series and stopped watching both almost at the end. I just couldn't stomach it any more. I stopped watching after episode 20 (I think) of this horrible EVA clone with franeknstein symbolism literally crammed into our throats. Even though I don't want to waste any more of my time on it, I still have that vague sense of incompleteness that I would like to know a quick recap of the ending. So if you have seen it, and would be willing to throw me a paragraph or two explaining how the series ends, I would really appreciate it. SPOILERS BELOW THIS LINE The last I remeber is that the Funeral team had just figured out that the EVA's, (darn it, I meant ot say SARGS), were made up of alien pieces parts (actual alien creatures?) and the base had been destroyed via the latest incarnation of the angels..... whoops, I mean aliens. So If you know the deal with pilgramage point and what happens at the end, please spare me the grueling mind numbing two hours I have left and just tell me---
  14. Wow, thanks guys. I am definately going to pick that up and see it again. It was the very first anime I ever saw (probably at age 7 or so) and it still sticks back in the crevices of my memory. It will be interesting to see it again after 25 years and to see if it was as cool as I remembered it being as a child.
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