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  1. Kitz Concept Robotech Toy Line

    So...did Toynami have a falling out with Oritoy and had to hastily make these pilot figures in house? Because the ones shown at 2016 Toy Fair are clearly different and full of joints and, well, actually look like they were designed by professionals. THAT SAID...I will probably still buy them because I’ve wanted pilot figures for so long and they are cheap. Hopefully the lipstick thing will be less noticeable in person.
  2. Kitz Concept Robotech Toy Line

    I had preordered the 1/72 from HLJ prior to securing one elsewhere for less - forgot to cancel the HLJ order, the cancellation email they sent out implied that they can't sell it.
  3. Kitz Concept Robotech Toy Line

    I do like fully artocilated toys. I will be buying one. If I can have seventy thousand different Optimus Primes in the house I can have ten thousand different VF-1 toys. And I really like my SD VF-1S Fokker from kitzconcept so I expect this to be an equally good or better figure.

    Yeah, I had to kind of fold the rear landing bay doors back past the gear a bit to avoid having it rest on the points. I'm happy enough to keep mine but goddamn it I really want one of the pros to design my second favorite transformable flying machine.
  5. DX Chogokin VF-1J

    Oh man it looks so good! It's got some stiff competition but I trust Bandai can make it worth owning. The real test will be how it feels in hand; if it's got a lush finish and robust construction, fun to transform, sturdy joints (ratchets perhaps?), and any new ideas in brings to engineering a transforming VF-1. Easily my most anticipated Macross toy for the forseeable future.
  6. DX Chogokin VF-1J

    I am definitely looking forward to this. I've wanted to see what Bandai could do with a larger scaled Valkyrie for YEARS. Itching to get my preorder in.

    The light blue chest parts are swappable.

    Solved my hand problem by snipping the pegs off that secure the gunpod and gluing the fingers on. Even without the peg the hands hold the gunpod very securely. Now that I've spent a couple more days with this thing and fixed the hands I am pretty satisfied with it.

    Hmmm...looking at the pics of the red and green, and at Tekering's pics again, I'm thinking the hinge for the shoulder panel isn't actually broken on mine and is just designed that way because they all look like mine do.

    Thanks, I had tried that but it didn't work. I tried again just now and found that it has to be in exactly the right position to work. If it's off even a hair to either side the panel won't close or will sheer the fingers off. Oh well, at least it's possible. Are the fingers so loose on yours? I'm constantly having to pick up the fingers because any movement of the hands makes them come off. I'm sorely tempted to just cut the peg off the palms and glue the fingers on.

    Got mine today, I'll get the bad stuff out of the way first: same stress marks on the ankles and bent fin as Tekering. Hinge for the folding shoulder panel is broken off on one side. Inside of front landing bay door has some kind of brown smear on it. Hands are straight up awful with removable fingers that don't stay on and when they ARE on the arm panels can't close fully (please tell me I'm doing something wrong) The tiny hinged panels with a peg & hole that hold the legs together in fighter mode seem kind of poorly designed and I don't trust them to withstand much use. The ratchet on the right 'boob' has too much play between teeth which can make for a 'saggy boob' at times. Plastic has that cheap almost polystyrene quality that doesn't instill confidence in a long life. Now, good stuff: It looks amazing in all modes. Even the finish, while not as premium as Arcadia or Bandai, looks pretty nice when its on the shelf. Fighter mode DOES hold together snugly enough for swooshing and barrel rolls, although it could still be improved Articulation is plentiful and even the head has a wide range of motion. Joints all feel robust enough where I have no worry about them failing. Size is pretty much perfect, not to small and not too big. Paint is all very clean and neatly applied Transformation isn't muddled by any kind of attempt to try something new, it's tried and true Legioss transformation which means its simple and it works Despite what feels like cheap plastic, it does manage to feel solid enough in robot mode to invite handling and posing. Verdict? I'm happy with it overall. I was expecting much worse, and of course I would like it to be on an upper tier like Arcadia and Bandai toys but as Tekering said, it really is the best Legioss toy we've gotten so far (not saying much, I know). That said, I would not recommend it AT ALL to the casual connoisseur. If you have a mild interest, move along or wait for a super clearance sale. If you desperately love the Legioss and are able to look past the shortcomings, I think you can find some satisfaction here.

    Thanks for all of the photos and comment, Tekering. I'm considerably less nervous to open mine when it arrives!

    It's just like how the tail fins on the CMs Legioss were too long to fold all the way into the arms. Since this was designed by the same guy, maybe it's a weird signature of his.

    Paid and awaiting shipping now. I don't think there has ever been another time when I paid such a high price with such low expectations. :edit: Shipped!

    No payment request from HLJ yet. Harrumph!