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    Hmmm...looking at the pics of the red and green, and at Tekering's pics again, I'm thinking the hinge for the shoulder panel isn't actually broken on mine and is just designed that way because they all look like mine do.

    Thanks, I had tried that but it didn't work. I tried again just now and found that it has to be in exactly the right position to work. If it's off even a hair to either side the panel won't close or will sheer the fingers off. Oh well, at least it's possible. Are the fingers so loose on yours? I'm constantly having to pick up the fingers because any movement of the hands makes them come off. I'm sorely tempted to just cut the peg off the palms and glue the fingers on.

    Got mine today, I'll get the bad stuff out of the way first: same stress marks on the ankles and bent fin as Tekering. Hinge for the folding shoulder panel is broken off on one side. Inside of front landing bay door has some kind of brown smear on it. Hands are straight up awful with removable fingers that don't stay on and when they ARE on the arm panels can't close fully (please tell me I'm doing something wrong) The tiny hinged panels with a peg & hole that hold the legs together in fighter mode seem kind of poorly designed and I don't trust them to withstand much use. The ratchet on the right 'boob' has too much play between teeth which can make for a 'saggy boob' at times. Plastic has that cheap almost polystyrene quality that doesn't instill confidence in a long life. Now, good stuff: It looks amazing in all modes. Even the finish, while not as premium as Arcadia or Bandai, looks pretty nice when its on the shelf. Fighter mode DOES hold together snugly enough for swooshing and barrel rolls, although it could still be improved Articulation is plentiful and even the head has a wide range of motion. Joints all feel robust enough where I have no worry about them failing. Size is pretty much perfect, not to small and not too big. Paint is all very clean and neatly applied Transformation isn't muddled by any kind of attempt to try something new, it's tried and true Legioss transformation which means its simple and it works Despite what feels like cheap plastic, it does manage to feel solid enough in robot mode to invite handling and posing. Verdict? I'm happy with it overall. I was expecting much worse, and of course I would like it to be on an upper tier like Arcadia and Bandai toys but as Tekering said, it really is the best Legioss toy we've gotten so far (not saying much, I know). That said, I would not recommend it AT ALL to the casual connoisseur. If you have a mild interest, move along or wait for a super clearance sale. If you desperately love the Legioss and are able to look past the shortcomings, I think you can find some satisfaction here.

    Thanks for all of the photos and comment, Tekering. I'm considerably less nervous to open mine when it arrives!

    It's just like how the tail fins on the CMs Legioss were too long to fold all the way into the arms. Since this was designed by the same guy, maybe it's a weird signature of his.

    Paid and awaiting shipping now. I don't think there has ever been another time when I paid such a high price with such low expectations. :edit: Shipped!

    No payment request from HLJ yet. Harrumph!

    I'm guessing there are removable covers on the intakes - four little black semicircles to keep track of. Anyway, I'm hoping for the best and prepared for the worst. Might have to take the day off work when it gets here to cope with the mixture of joy/sadness.
  9. Hi-Metal R

    Now that's a stunning and gorgeous deco for the VF-1. Here's hoping everyone hates it and passes on it so I can have a nice five minute window in which to place my preorder.
  10. FLCL

    I'm enjoying the fact that I'm getting my wish granted a mere 13 years after throwing the penny into the well. :3
  11. Awesome ending to what I found to be a truly enjoyable series. I have a few questions still but they don't really spoil anything for me. Definitely want a movie.
  12. 3P SD VF-1S

    I mentioned the paint being tacky, I think it may have been from the wash they did for the panel lines or maybe something with the clear coat? (I'm not a paint guy). Anyway, I wiped the whole thing down with a warm damp towel and that tackiness is now gone. One thing I really like about this is the size (bigger than a Joke Machine). Fingers crossed for a Legioss in the same size and style. I love the SDi VF25. I'm really hoping Bandai does something similar for Delta.
  13. 3P SD VF-1S

    After spending a little more time with it I'm liking it more. The old one was such a let down that it's hard to shake the ghost of that old disappointment. It's also hard to look at something honestly when there is that long-standing resentment and distrust of Harmony Gold. But in the end I have a soft spot for SD Macros's toys which allows me to love things like the SDi VF25 even though that thing doesn't hold together well in battroid. So yeah, I actually would recommend this to anyone who likes SD Macross toys. Make sure it's this newest version though because I definitely would not recommend the FansMakeToys release.
  14. 3P SD VF-1S

    The new Harmony Gold sanctioned release is indeed improved. The joints are all tight on mine, it holds together better overall and it looks nice for the most part. The paint seems a bit amateurish and sloppy and even slightly tacky. The pegs holding the torso together are very tight and already have stress marks. Overall it's better but still has a kind of unrefined slight garage kit funk to it that inspires a small amount of buyers remorse.
  15. I haven't really been following the threads here at MW for this series, just quietly watching the episodes. Reading through his thread was kind of a shock, I wasn't expecting to see so much negativity. I guess I must have really poor taste because I've been enjoying the series immensely right up through the most recent episode. It's the most enjoyable I've found a Macross series since the very first. I guess I'm dimming with age because I really like the slower pacing and the easy to follow plot. Anyway, just wanted to chime in as someone who doesn't really have any complaints with the show. I'll see myself out.