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    somehow I doubt this one is transformable...... and we're getting ahead of ourselves... We don't know if it's a scratchbuild or not. I SERIOUSLY doubt it's a Yammie proto simply because I'm fairly certain we'd hear from Graham on the matter long before anyone else did. There is a seriously FINITE (read: Bend over so far you stick your head up your own butt) amount of VF-0 models in the world at this moment... unless these pictures were a prototype for the limited Hasegawa release, it almost has to be a scratchbuild... in EITHER case the model isn't transformable and wouldn't be without serious modification and further scratchbuilding.
  2. Strange, beyond more panel-lining, I don't see much, if any, difference in the fighter modes of the proto and the final product.... Battroid mode has some interesting changes though..
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    VF-X 2

    I can't get past "Operation: Pinnochio" on Maniac... it's just F-ing hard. If I could use something besides the VA-3 Invader in that mission, I'd probably be alright. "Operation: Singin' in the Rain" was no cakewalk either. You really have to join with Gilliam to see the "real" ending. I think the choice of killing him was designed as the "cop out" or "bad" ending. I mean, that's when the game starts to get really good is after that point.
  4. LOL, Max's resizing project probably worked in more ways than one, I'll wager
  5. Sadly, I knew this kit's days would go down in the west..... IHP puts out some TOP NOTCH work, it's only downfall? They don't establish production deadlines and as such, they can put off projects indefinately as they see fit. I cannot say that I blame them.... they're some busy guys (just how many work for IHP? probably not many)... all we can do is hope and pray. As far as finding a kit already, I was under the assumption that none exsisted on the market... am I wrong?
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    let us HOPE it's scratchbuilt.... I would hate to buy an injection-mold model with so many tiny imperfections..... if it IS in fact hand made, then BRAVO!
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