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  1. mbs357

    Where do you guys buy anime?

    Been a while, reporting back: RightStuf has been pretty superb so far. Gotten a couple things from them. THX U GUYS
  2. mbs357

    Where do you guys buy anime?

    I've bought a couple things from Amazon so far...Totoro and Escaflowne seem to have...fairly accurate subs. Hopefully subs wont matter to me soon anyway. Amazon just doesn't have the selection I want and sometimes the quality of the publishing is questionable... I'd never go for bootlegs because if I do that I may as well torrent it. Agent ONE. Good to see you are still you after all these years.
  3. Gosh, I haven't posted here in many years. Curious to see most of you have the same avatars... So where do you guys buy anime DVDs? I presume that Amazon isn't the best. They don't have a lot of what I want and what they do have doesn't appear to be great quality. Has to be online store.
  4. mbs357

    Macross DYRL?: Space War One

    Wow, you guys are still working on this after all these years? Very cool. Glad I hung onto HW2. It'll be nice having another good mod to complement Star Wars Warlords and Gundam. (I wonder if there's a way to get all the factions from those mods, the original game, and the DYRL one going at once....that'd be hilarious.)
  5. mbs357

    Microsoft Flight Simulator

    I wonder if anyone could make a model or convert an existing one for use in Battlefield 2? Doesn't have to transform, it would just be nice seeing a VF-1A or something chasing after those MiGs or even bombing tanks.
  6. Hrm I haven't seen any of them. Can someone post or link some pix so that I may cast my votes?
  7. mbs357

    Sharon Apple

    I want a Sharon shaped computer case.
  8. I just saw the video here: http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=bK2HW3hi_aA Am I the only one that's not impressed?
  9. mbs357

    Weapons Banter Thread

    If you're wanting a single action revolver, look at the Ubertis for more historical accuracy. The Rugers have so much junk tacked into the mechanics that you can barely fire them.
  10. mbs357

    Macross DYRL...In English!

    Do you have any particular lines for us to read for auditions or do you just want us to grab something the character said in the movie and recite it?
  11. mbs357

    Food Aboard The Macross

    This man is absolutely correct. +cookie
  12. mbs357

    Macross: One Day More! Music Video

    wtf. o_O
  13. http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?...e=post&id=32353 I wonder how that works with a gunpod attached...
  14. It's my understanding that it really was... From what I've read it was discovered accidentally during the crash landing of a test flight.
  15. I've been around for a good while...but not lately.