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  1. You would hate that guitar control scheme. That thing is a pain in the butt to service because it is so different from conventional VF controls. Not to mention earning the wrath of Basara if you accidentally botch the maintenance.
  2. To quote the designer of the PPSH SMG, "It is very easy to do complex things, but to keep things simple, that's very difficult." I sometimes appreciate the engineering genius of Russian military hardware because they make their stuff easy to repair with easily accessible compartments. Speaking of which and back to the topic of VF and maintaining them, I wonder if the VF-19 is loathed by crew chiefs and their ground crews. That high performance has a tendency to wear down parts faster.
  3. Which Variable Fighter you would love to maintain and which Variable Fighter you would not like to maintain? For me, I would be happy with maintaining the VF-25 Messiah family because the linear actuators used in the design would help reduce wear and tear of the transformation mechanisms. I will loathe maintaining the SV-262 Draken III family because of the way it transforms.
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