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  1. Thank you! Going to revisit the side stick next. This thrust lever kind of stole the show...
  2. Ok since I was fixing the buttons anyway... Better styling on the thrust lever. Looks way more pro now. It was getting to boxy and clumsy-looking. A smidge more ergonomic, and a whole lot sexier. Looks like you wanna hold it now.
  3. The thumb buttons kept bugging me. Detail on the tops were cool, but the form just didn't feel Macross enough. These ones are much better. Will detail them later. Made some cooler knobs for the base plate. Still all placeholders. Hope you're all ok with bokeh!
  4. Dude, time to render this bad boy. Message me. I have a render farm.
  5. Rodavan, amazing work!!!! how do you feel about getting these models rendered up???
  6. Today's candy: Instrument panel shrouden wirken. Hmmm... just noticed some funky smoothing groups. Will fix it properly later.
  7. More stick-work. Finding the correct proportion/size is tricky without real measurements. Anyone have any references for sizing/dimensions for the controls? Even ballpark would help tremendously. I'm using my best (educated) guesses for most of this.
  8. Update to the throttle quad base plate. Interesting mix curves and edges. I like this shape. Ready for detailing.
  9. Thank you! No where near the volume of your work. =)
  10. I can teach you. if you only knew the power...
  11. Very simple. 3ds max, 2x2080ti or 4x1080ti gpu. Fstorm render.
  12. Aww hell yeah, it still works! Panel back-lighting came right on *boop*. And not complaining, but this new hangar is so much better than that dusty old destroid factory! (Pretty sure bad things happened there once!)
  13. First off, a MASSIVE shout out to my friends at Rockwell Bell for kindly donating one of their old Skunkworks facilities for our "1S" hotrod project. You know who you are. =) Big change from our old shop. Now there's room to grow and make lots of noise! Finally enough light to see. Although now, all I can see are the flaws in the bodywork and canopy. =(
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