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  1. I don’t care what happens to the toys when I’m dead. I’m worried about theft or damage while I’m alive. Thank you for the replies everyone!
  2. Sorry to necro this thread! Does anyone have any experience claiming figures under their normal household contents insurance? Or do you have to get separate collection insurance? Thankfully I don't need it yet, but I was talking to my home insurance company today and discovered to my horror that they do not cover toys/figures at all. Zero. Stamps and coin collections. But if you have $1000s in toys, too bad. I've seen guys post on here saying they have over $80K in toys. Are you all using special insurance or are you just assuming that your home contents insurance will cover it? I'm
  3. Has anyone else tried the English auto-translate on that video. Very entertaining! But not helpful at all.
  4. I ordered the Kaki from NY when it first went up for pre-order and they shipped it to me shortly after it released with no issues. I also received my strike parts from NY without issues last year. I personally never had a problem with NY not shipping my stuff to Canada, but the Kaki will most likely be my last purchase from them because of all the horror stories in this forum. It does appear that NY is going down the crapper.
  5. Very well done! And most likely accurate!
  6. I was emailing with Luna Park about my 1D order and I asked if they are still taking orders for the TV Supers April release. They are apparently.
  7. That’s the standard price at the stores that have listed already. This figure is around 4000 Yen higher MSRP than the other DX VF-1 figures. I don’t think a 3000-4000 Yen markup is unreasonable.
  8. My understanding is that TWE items are made to order so what matters is the length of the order window, not how many units sell. But yes, proxy sites can only secure so many units so from that perspective there is a quantity limit.
  9. Some stores put up preorders early. There are still a few stores that haven’t even listed it yet. So no panic yet. Although I do know someone living in Japan and I’m fighting the urge to bug him to preorder it for me. Anyone know how long the TWE items stay up for preorder on Bandai’s web site? I thought it was a month or something but that sounds too long.
  10. Peak insanity. Great way of putting it!
  11. Man I just checked now and all the listed links are sold out already. Even NY. Deep sigh! Still waiting for some other stores to pop up.
  12. Wow! I was already in but that is more than I expected! The seats look awesome. I really didn’t think they were going to bother with the extended seats.
  13. I thought Okiniland still had TV supers? That's where I bought mine recently. Edit: My bad it was MyKombini and they are sold out. Edit: I couldn't find the TV supers on their site but they still have Roy for 27,000 Yen. Not a terrible price imo. https://okini.land/en/21236-dx-chogokin-vf-1s-valkyrie-roy-focker-special-bandai-spirits.html?SubmitCurrency=1&id_currency=5
  14. On top of all the other things already mentioned, they have a lighter shade of blue as well.
  15. I love your shots so much! Instead of taking pics of my own copies I just wait for you to post and save your pics instead.
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