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  1. Is motor nuclear moshow/poison toys/ vientiane toys...it has feel of their aesthetics, i hope i'm right but then i would be a bit concerned...they have been doing alot of renditions of figures but none seems to have been updated beyond grey prototype stage.
  2. Holy smokes....my po got cancelled...does anyone hv a copy they can secure for me...i rlly want this
  3. Any recent news from moshow/ poison toys/ vientiane toys....i get excited for anything they offer
  4. Do you think the mc strike freedom is worth getting? Havent seen any review of deactive mode
  5. Numbninja

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Thank you for responding...however the issue i have is i don't have anything in my cart or anything recently pre ordered....i log into amiami and a item will be in cart for checkout and it will be random figures like nendroids or statues and now mafex, very strange..wonder if its a bug?
  6. Numbninja

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I got payment notification from amiami...but i noticed whenever i don't visit their website for a while something is always in my shopping cart to checkout that i didnt even add to cart much less interested in....its bothering me and kinda reluctant to do any purchase...has anyone experienced this?
  7. I wonder when amazon po for unit 02 goes up?...dont want to miss it
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