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  1. Off topic but those mvc2 sprites of Cable are some of the best looking proportions imo...in motion he looks phenomenal
  2. Is it upfront payment for po on 3zero page for ingram?
  3. Is the moshow QAN(T) still available for purchase....i accidentaly broke 1 of the fin on his head...plus i really love it enough to get a 2nd
  4. Vientiane toys.....i hope this gets teleased by end of yr early 2020. Just beautiful
  5. Does any one here knows of a good chinese company that create molds?
  6. Is motor nuclear moshow/poison toys/ vientiane toys...it has feel of their aesthetics, i hope i'm right but then i would be a bit concerned...they have been doing alot of renditions of figures but none seems to have been updated beyond grey prototype stage.
  7. Any recent news from moshow/ poison toys/ vientiane toys....i get excited for anything they offer
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