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  1. The original GFFMC Wing Zero is based from the EW: Glory of Losers Manga. It's basically Endless Waltz (when we talk about Endless Waltz as a manga, think of it like Gundam Origins) with some additional details (more complete retelling of the story) and the Gundams have additional variants/equipments (e.g. Heavy Arms Igel equipment, Shenlong Liao ya, etc)
  2. if we're talking about her dress in the Disney films, yeah. However, in the original tale, the reason why she's named "Snow White" is because her skin's white as snow (in many old illustration she wears a white dress).
  3. use this search keyword in YAJ: metal Build ダブルオーライザー The keyword is basically the whole word (double olyzer) not 00. Using '00' will just produce a small amount of results.
  4. why not, lol. Well Heero's code name in the novel is "Princess Aurora" (since he's on cryo sleep), so maybe it's just fitting for his Gundam to have a fairy tale/disney princess designation (Snow white, obviously if you have that name, white would be your major color).
  5. Those looking for the MB Strike Freedom Soul Blue ver., it seems to be available now at Bluefin for $270: https://www.bluefinbrands.com/strike-freedom-gundam-soul-blue-ver-gundam-seed-destiny-bandai-metal-build.html
  6. It's from the Frozen Teardrop novel. I believe the original Metal composite Wing zero was 25000 yen without tax (currently around 40000 yen and above in the aftermarket), and it seems that the price in that display has tax included so it's just a small increase in MSRP compared to the original Wing zero.
  7. Those looking for MB 00 Raiser Designer Blue ver., lots of postings right at YAJ at around 30k yen (buy it now price).
  8. Since you guys are talking about MB SF, sharing mine. Originally not planning to get the Soul blue SF as I already have the original (and also due to the high price relative to MSRP), but was able to find a decent price in Yahoo Auctions so got one in the end (still to be shipped though as I'm maximizing FJ's warehouse time in case I order additional things from YAJ).
  9. My VF-1A (Jenius) from amazon.co.jp just arrived today. Should have been delivered much earlier as it was shipped Tuesday and was already in North America hubs Wednesday but it seems customs took their sweet time inspecting the package (seems to have been opened as there's a Customs tape)
  10. if you'll base it on current "Pre-order" scalping price, it's currently at least $1500 with some postings reaching $2000.
  11. https://www.freightwaves.com/news/us-to-leave-global-postal-union-next-month Note for U.S. collectors/buyers, the U.S. is planning to leave UPU by next month if there's no agreement made with UPU before the deadline. This means possible increase on shipping done through USPS. Not sure if items coming from Japan is being subsidized by U.S. so the rate from Japan might be affected or not. However, items from China (which is basically the main target for this action), will definitely be affected as shipping from China is heavily subsidized by the U.S. (that's why it's common to see free or dirt cheap shipping rates from China). If you're using a courier (like DHL, Fedex, UPS), their rates will most probably not be affected, unless of course they take advantage of the situation and also increase their rates. So don't be surprised in case you see some increase in shipping in the coming months. P.S. Not sure the appropriate forum to post this (while also making it more visible to members), so mods feel free to move it if needed. Thanks
  12. It's around 51 cm or 20 inches. Just google ThreeZero Titanfall, it should show up the mechs that they've released (I think ThreeZero only release two other mechs, the Stryder and the Ogre). ThreeZero Titanfall mechs were release some years ago so after market price for brand new or ebay is at around $800 USD or more.
  13. Loots that arrived this week. Really not actively looking for a ThreeZero Atlas, but appeared while I'm browsing some Gundams/Macross items in Yahoo Auction. It's used but in very good condition, so basically a somewhat impulse bid and was surprised to get it significantly below its original SRP (brand new right now is already at least double the SRP). Also got another 'used' MB Exia. Not sure if Bandai will rerelease the MB Exia when they release the GN-Arms which I plan to get so just securing it now, in case it jumps in price.
  14. I'm lazy to check my MC RX-78-2 origin but IIRC and if you're comparing it to the previous release (MC #1009), they basically have the same parts including the chest and armor 'headlight' pieces with some color difference. But if you're comparing it to the MG Origin, yeah it seems that the MG version doesn't have those chest/shoulder parts.
  15. just a quick pic of my July/Aug loot. Already my 3rd MB Strike (first two for aile strike, and gunbarrel pack) in prepration for the launcher/sword pack. Hopefully that will be the last Strike, lol. Also, the MB Laevatein is my 2nd one (already have the 1st release years ago). Again in preparation for the flight pack add-on.
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