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  1. Same here, received an email about creating a new ticket with that subject. Though they also replied to my existing ticket with the same information and closed it.
  2. I don't think the locals would have supply issues as they would obviously have the biggest allocation of units. In Japan you have a lot of 'local' shop options (online or brick/mortar stores) so I would say there's sufficient supply. It's us outsiders who have a supply issue since we only have a handful of online shops that directly caters to us. Even for regular releases, I would assume that each shop would have a limited allocation from Bandai and since there are less shops catering to those outside Japan, this means a limited supply. Local shops in Japan on the other hand are plenty so Japan will get the bulk of the allocation.
  3. Ordered MB Eva02 from them and they delivered, though there's a chance they might cancel your order if they don't secure enough stock.
  4. Voltes V available on Amazon JP (64,900 yen - 10% as of this post): https://www.amazon.co.jp/BANDAI-SPIRITS-バンダイ-スピリッツ-フィギュア新商品1/dp/B08C3B35VF/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=ボルテスv&qid=1593799467&sr=8-2
  5. Almost forgot about the PO as I was a bit tired due to meetings/some remote work last night that I was eager to go to bed. Good thing I usually read reddit, forums or some quick netflix browse to make myself sleepy (lol) and remembered about this PO. Was late by about 10 minutes or so and HLJ was the only shop remaining that I'm willing to PO from (otherwise will just try my luck at release). So just like the others waited for HLJ to 'fix' their site, and fortunately was able to get one though I thought it would fail as I got two "HLJ support" errors during the final step to place the order (just kept clicking place order button). Got the confirmation email and back to bed immediately.
  6. just got my SSP from NY this week (also paid for it upon PO last year). So I've asked about it around 1st week of May and also to ask to change the shipping method (RSAL -> EMS), and they just replied that they don't have it yet and also sent an invoice for the additional fee to change the shipping to EMS. I've replied that Iwon't be paying that additional EMS at that time (since it's not available), and also told them to keep me updated when they have the SSP. Haven't heard anything from them about the SSP, but first week of June, I just decided to pay up the additional EMS fee. And then, was surprised that they actually shipped the item the weekend of that week. So with that, only the VF-0D and the missile set order remains.
  7. I would say not foresight but more of a long business relationship with DHL. Mandarake has been offering DHL for years, and even then it's sometimes cheaper to use DHL than EMS for example. Only reason I don't personally use DHL when I order from Mandarake is due to customs (and associated broker fees).
  8. If you haven't done so, better check your account details in MyKombini and check if your order have any messages there. Sometimes I don't receive emails for new messages.
  9. MB Astray blue 2nd revise (28990 yen), launcher pack (8990 yen) and aile pack (8990 yen) currently available at mykombini.
  10. The items I've checked today in AJ are all sold by Amazon. For example a PO of an item I've ordered last Monday has the flat shipping of 1600 yen. The same item which is still in PO (and sold by Amazon) now has a shipping of ~2600 yen.
  11. just browsing on Amazon JP and it seems the shipping is now variable (more expensive on bigger items) instead of the usual flat rate (usually at 1600 yen). Checked out some items that I've PO'ed earlier with a 1600 yen shipping which now has more expensive shipping.
  12. my 4 strikes are ready, just for this, lol (contemplating of getting another one due to that display hangar base)
  13. New update from Japan Post: https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/information/2020/0423_01.html Announcement and PDF is still in Japanese (no English yet), but as per https://myfigurecollection.net/blog/45426 ,EMS and Airmail to US for example is also now suspended (Canada not in the updated list yet). Also, it seems that EMS packages going to the US that's already received by Japan Post will be sent though delayed (up to 4 months, first in first out).
  14. Mandarake can undervalue your packages, you just have to explicitly ask them (with the value you want) in the comments sections when checking out. You tell them that you'll be responsible if anything happens due to the package being undervalued. My last order with them was November, and they still accept the undervalue request.
  15. haven't seen any suspension announcements/news from Fedex/DHL's site, but you may also want to double check if you gonna order something and use those couriers.
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