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  1. Breetai_Sculpt

    Not dead Soon.....
  2. Breetai_Sculpt

    Our Dolza got fastracked. Breetai update coming soon.
  3. Breetai_Sculpt

    Heres a little update.
  4. Heres a little update. 
  5. Breetai_Sculpt

    Thanks for the compliments everyone. We are in the wax stage and looking to get a few made pretty soon. We'll let everyone know when they'll be available. Meanwhile we started on other piece. Hope you guys like.
  6. Breetai_Sculpt

    Heres a little update. We are thinking of making a batch in rotocast vinyl. New to this and taking some time to figure out overall cost.
  7. Breetai_Sculpt

    Updated sculpt and adjusted some of the proportions.
  8. Breetai_Sculpt

    Thank you Still working some of that out but here is the first try. He is about 11 inches high
  9. Breetai_Sculpt

    We've had interest in doing animated color rotocast. Not sure if theres a huge interest and then there's the whole licensing issue.
  10. Breetai_Sculpt

    Just want to share a personal project.