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  1. UN_MARINE: Can we see the rest of that build?? It's been a long time, but I finally got round to making gunpla again. Ironic, since I came to Japan to indulge in the otaku life, but wound up getting caught in the rat race instead. Never again! This is the MG 1/100 ReZel Type C Defenser b Unit.
  2. Have a good one, MW! This has been a second home.
  3. New/different mold > repaint. For me, anyway. Just minimizing the diminishing marginal returns ... you get new paint AND new design. It doesn't hurt either that the 1/60 YF-19 is a very awesome toy indeed - beautiful in fighter, but absolutely unbelieveable in battroid.
  4. Q: Why does Ozuma always get served before Alto at the Nyan-Nyan restaurant? A: Because he can pull ranka. If you're British, this might mean something else to you ...
  5. Yep that's the one! MG Sinanju. Haha that's because I'm shameless. I go all the way up to the glass and stick my camera lens right there! Not very considerate, but I try to be quick...
  6. You can still be saved, crescens! DO NOT BECOME LIKE US! The collecting will never end if you don't lay some ground rules for yourself to begin with. Here are some rules I wish I'd followed from the start: 1. NO repaints. This means only one toy of every mold - and no, headsculpt changes don't count. So no more VFs! Get a YF-19, a YF-21, an SV-51, a Koenig Monster, a VF-0, a VF-11 and STOP THERE! Do not make the mistake of becoming a "completist" ... 2. NO multiple scales. So if you're going to do 1/48, stay 1/48 all the way! Yes, even the Ver. 2 1/60s have to be ignored (even though they are amazing and I am going to buy all of them). 3. NO figures or other toys that DO NOT TRANSFORM. I began thinking I liked Macross variable fighters. Then I liked all things Macross, including stupid holo-cels of SDF-1, figures of Misa Hayase, super-poseables, Revoltechs and so on and so forth. DO NOT SUCCUMB TO THIS! You are in this only for the coolness of transforming mecha! 4. NO cheap, plasticky looking toys that look interesting in the shop window but actually look very "kiddish" displayed. So: Binaltech Good, Galaxy Force bad! (Oh dear, that just slipped out, so on to rule 5 ...) 5. NO non-Macross toys! Needless to say, I have broken every single one of these rules! My addiction is at the runaway stage now ... but if you discipline yourself from the beginning, I think this urge is something very controllable. It's all about expectations. And now ... off to eBay I go ...
  7. I actually had "Northern Cross" and "Iteza Gogo Kuji Don't Be Late" down on video, but then something happened to my memory card. Disappointing ... but I suppose that's karma for you (we were told not to film anything). I agree - "Northern Cross" was the climax. It's just such a groovesome song.
  8. Just beautiful - I liked that you used the default Bandai white and the accompanying stickers. Goes to show that you can have a great kit without too much fuss!
  9. Lol .. that's the difference between a real SLR and a "prosumer". Thanks, definitely for sure!
  10. And the one we all like best: May'n performing "Diamond Crevasse" Live at Anime Festival Asia '08 (Full song video)
  11. Sorry I didn't get in touch - I didn't expect to go for the Anime Festival at all, having exams the next day. My bad! To atone, here are some more pics of May'n:
  12. What 'bout my star? - Live at AFA '08 Enjoy!
  13. Here's one: Mods, I hope this size is OK. She was lovely - as was the crowd. Hard to believe that people are that crazy over here. Yep, I cracked - I decided that Macross > exams. Wish me luck for tomorrow!
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