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  1. Has anyone else seen this? https://www.nippon-yasan.com/figures/24423-macross-7-battle-7-kit-limited-edition.html
  2. Professor Dire

    Hi-Metal R

    I hope they release the Phalanx, THEN the Tomahawk. So they will actually get all four made for a change. Yes I know my cynicism is showing.
  3. I am pleasantly stunned to see that MF is doing a "Pajama Soltic" kit.
  4. Professor Dire

    Hi-Metal R

    Looking at the ordinance load-out on the 'Monster', I kind of feel bad for any 'Zennys" that have to face that kind of might in a cityscape. I also feel bad for any local who used to enjoy the sound of music after that fight would be over.
  5. Professor Dire

    Hi-Metal R

    Ooh... I do not like that waist joint at all. Many of the original toy and model versions have a rotation joint at the cut line above the hip. Here is an image from the 1/72 model showing how the lover body is assembled:
  6. Professor Dire

    Hi-Metal R

    Those hip boxes hold small missile clusters on the Tomahawk. They all use the same lower base torso with different hip configurations.
  7. I am beyond pleased that they are making an updated version of the Bigfoot kit. I have the old revell version, which is quite nice. That said the new one looks to be a considerable improvement.
  8. Has anyone seen how crazy the legs are on the HMR Dougram?
  9. Episodes 54 - 75 with English subtitles were posted by Blue Gunner: https://youtu.be/vfRsZgM-9rQ
  10. You are right about the ranges. An "inch/hex" represents 30 meters. Everything is scaled by about a 3rd of what it should be with Terra's curvature. There are some truly odd decisions that were justified for game ballance. The ranges and weights for autocannons are truly WTF level wrong. So ard the drivetrain and powerplant mechanics. I used to run "Battle Tech Rectified" in college, and we had a lot of fun. After crunching a lot of number I learned to appreciate some of the decisions the folks at FASA made for brevity's sake.
  11. I caught all of it subbed on youtube. I think I had to swap to another list of postings midway to complete the series. I agree, 9 year old me would not have stayed with it. 30 years later, I was quite surprised at just how elaborate (and long) it was. The visuals are dated AF, but the composition is rock solid 90% of the time. I cannot imagine such a slow burner ever getting greenlit in any format these days, which is a shame. By the way, people smoke like chimneys in the space-future.
  12. Thread Bump From Above! I hope to be running a six session Classic Battletech tournament later this year in Nebraska.
  13. Ancient spirits of nostalgia, tranform this decayed thread into FOtS Dougram the Ever LIVING! I figured I'd used a bit of Thread Necromancy so we'd have a place to discuss this fine "Real Robot" francise of old.
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