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  1. I saw an image showing a variant of the Reactive Armor which had additional missile launchers mounted on the legs. Also, saw a model kit with two spare gunpods mounted on the left shield. Are these supposed to be different configurations of Roy's unit or different test units? On the other hand, could there be an VF-0S that has the body frame of a VF-0C/D?
  2. I always thought that the 200 rounds of the GU-11 55mm Gunpod seem insufficient for a weapon meant to be used in large scale battles, and later on in the SW1, used by rookies who would most likely end up wasting precious ammo. After hearing about the GPU-9 35mm Gunpod used by the VF-0, which has 550 rounds and can even be reloaded in the field, I wondered if it was possible that the VF-1 could also be equipped with this weapon depending on the situation. The GPU-9 could be the weapon given to rookie pilots and in situations where a prolongued battle could be expected, while the GU-11 could be used by more seasoned pilots, armored units and for situations where hand-to-hand combat or against heavily armored targets is expected. And just in case, has there been any retcon to the original specs of the GU-11 Gundpod (maybe after the release of Macross Zero)?
  3. Is there any indication of plans for a Reactive Armor for the VF-0D? Unlike the VF-1D which seemed to be very uncommon Valkyrie, the VF-0D is produced in similar numbers to the VF-0A. While the VF-0A should have little problem using the same gear as the VF-0S, which share the same body, the main issue with the VF-0D would be the wings, which fold in a very different way from the VF-0A/S. Then there's also the issue of the two-seater VF-0A (VF-0B?) and single-seater VF-01D (VF-0C?): The VF-0B could require a larger chest armor section, which could be usable by the VF-0D, and the VF-0C could use the same chest armor as the VF-0A/S. Either way, if at some point there do were to plans mass produce a Valkyrie based on the VF-0D, plans for a reactive could have been around as well.
  4. I guess my main issue with Sunnyflower and Three Star ships not having an Uraga class carrier as their escort is that I imagine that they are more indispensable for the fleet rather than a Riviera ship. I suppose that the reason the Mark Twain VII has a number on its name is to indicate what fleet it belongs to when visiting another fleet. The Heaven ship do sounds impractical to say the least, but I suppose it could also sort of serve as a religious center of sorts. Other than that, I can only imagine an odd scenario where it has been decided to freeze the bodies in order to store them until they reach a suitable planet, where they would bury them. I do think that Kaldar5's idea of just burning them or throwing them into space seems more efficient. The only most efficient course of action would be to process them into cookies to feed the poor :/ Regarding Frontier no longer needing the emigrant vessels, I do seem to recall that one of the islands seemed to be a farm of sorts, which would indeed indicate that at least some functions of the other ships now take place on the additional islands. Regarding the glass windows of the emigrant vessels, the Three Star ships also have them and in fact are destroyed at least twice during M7, only to immediately activate bulkheads to close the hole. I do think they shouldn't have taken the DYRL approach instead: close the bulkheads once the battle begins instead of waiting for the windows to get blown off.
  5. Weren't those two produced after the Meltrandi had access to human technology, or rather built by the NUNS after gaining access to Meltrandi technology? Actually I think it was my bad: I should have specified that I meant before the events of Macross.
  6. Is there any info that may indicate if the Meltrandi actually used any other mecha besides the Queadluun-Rau? I think is odd that while both factions have somewhat equivalent warships, the Meltrandi use a single type of mecha (admittedly the best unit of its time), while the Zentraedi use varied mechas ranging from battle pods and fighter pods to powered suits and the Golg Gants Charts Heavy Attack Craft. The closest I have seen around is the Queadluun-Nona.
  7. Thanks for the information. I went to check and it does seem that most of the ships that connect with an Uraga-class do have specialized docks for doing so. Still, I do find weird that the Three Star Factory Ship and Sunnyflower Agricultural Ship were not designed to dock with other Uraga-class ships as their escorts like most of the rest of the fleets large vessels. In particular the Three Star ship should have been able to modify its dock to have one such ship connected. At this point my best guess is that maybe these 2 ship class are commonly found in numbers higher than one per emigration fleets, in which case it would indeed be better for these to be able to dock with other more common ships such as the Guantanamo-class and Northampton-class ships. The idea of the Mark Twain VII being a privately owned ship do provides a good potential explanation for its lack of an escort, especially considering that the Heaven Cemetary Ship does have an escort even though it is supposed to be a medium sized ship just like the Mark Twain. Regarding the Heaven ship, was there any such ship among the Macross 7 fleet at some point? -Was it supposedly never shown on-screen during Macross 7? -Was it added after the Protodeviln War, possibly as a consequence of the large number of deaths during said conflict?
  8. I was wondering if Battle 13 is supposed to be a Macross class ship built using Meltrandi technology, much like Macross 5 is said to have been built using Zentradi technology? It's light purple and blue color scheme looks like a combination of the light purple color schemes of the Meltrandi ships from DYRL and the blue color scheme of non-command Meltrandi ships of Chlore's fleet from Macross 7. Is it possible for that to be the case?
  9. I have a few questions about the escorts of the different ships that accompany the NMC ships, such as the ones seen in the Macross 7 fleet: -First of all, Why doesn't the Mark Twain VII has an escort vessel? Is it too small in comparison to the other vesels to be assigned one or is there another reason? -Before the next question, one quick doubt: is the Budokan Concert ship seen in the opening of Macross 7 Dynamite part of the Macross 7 fleet? -While Mark Twain VII Resort ship operates without an escort vessel, the non-animated Heaven Cemetary ship supposedly has a Northampton class vessel docked to it. But what about the Budokan Concert ship? Does it have an escort vessel? -If it does have an escort, what ship class does the it belong to? -The escorts of the Three Star Factory ship and Sunnyflower Agricultural ship are a Northampton and a Guantánamo class ships respectively. Is there a reason why they don't have an Uraga class ship as an escort instead, just like the rest of emigration vessels? -Is it possible for them to dock with an Uraga class ship instead if available or if a emergency required them to? -Finally, would it be right to assume that by the late 2050's, these emigration vessels could also potentially dock with a Macross Quarter class vessel instead of their other more traditional escorts?
  10. Sorry about my previous post, I already removed the uncited content. Thanks for confirming the use of the VA-3M by the Macross Galaxy fleet, as well as my question regarding the VA-3 hardpoints and the composition of VB units of the Macross 7 fleet. Regarding the VA, thanks to your comment I just realized that there's indeed mention of a VA-14, different from the VF-14: I thought VA-14 was a typo and that they were the same mecha all this time
  11. Thanks for the replies so far. Sketchley's site has a lot of interesting information. So, besides the VA-3M which was active around the 2050s and the VA-3C which was used by pirates by 2047, is there any info about when the others were in service? Would I be right to assume that the 600 variable attackers of the Macross 7 fleet are all VA-3B? As a related side question, could the 9 variable bombers be VB-6 or VAB-2 As I mentioned it sounds like the VA-3A might have been around as early as 2010 for it to participate in the Space War I. I suppose this must be the model without laser guns nor internal micro-missiles. I also wanted to ask if it could be possible to load missiles or bombs into all eleven hard points if the situation were to call for it. Sketchley's numbers point toward using a maximum of 10 hard points. I assume the last one could either be one reserved for the gunpod or for the fold booster. Edit: removed uncited content
  12. As my username implies I'm a fan of the VA-3 Invader design, and I would like to show some info I recently found about it: http://nomansland.site.nfoservers.com/MRG-Active-Archive/forums/index.php?PHPSESSID=7hsds659oeijj8k2v45ule3s86&topic=2250.5;wap2 http://nomansland.site.nfoservers.com/MRG-Active-Archive/forums/index.php?topic=2250.10;wap2 This information is supposedly from the Animation Special Macross Plus: Variable Fighter's Aero Report, and contains basic info on several units including VA-3 Invader on the second page (first link), also it seems to had included images of some custom models whose text is in the third page (second link). While the second page has a lot of info about the VA-3 and its variants (VA-3A, VA-3B, EVA-3A), what caught my eye was the info on the thrid page, as some of the custom units mentioned were already in service at the time of the "Anti-Bodloza War" which I suppose is another name of Space War I. This does seem to contradict what the second page says about the Invader's design being partially inspired in Zentraedi units. This information seems to be echoed in the japanese wiki: http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/VA-3_%E3%82%A4%E3%83%B3%E3%83%99%E3%83%BC%E3%83%80%E3%83%BC Therefore my question is: Is there any indication of when the VA-3 was first deployed? The fact that the unit was meant to appear in Macross Plus unfortunately doesn't help matters as the unit might not neccesarily have been meant to be a new model from that era (2040s), but could rather have been meant to appear as one of the many units used for target practive during the Super Nova Project tests. As a side note, from what is written on the second page it would seem that the unit loaded with the MK.82 warheads on the Macross Mecha Manual is probably the VA-3B model: http://macross2.net/m3/macrossplus/va-3.htm
  13. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums. I'm from Mexico and my favorite Macross series is Macross 7. As for my user name, despite not finding much images or info on the VA-3 Invader, I have come to love its design. I hope that it will be given a bigger role in a future Macross production.
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