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  1. Thanks guys, good idea w/ the poser/jumpsuit combo for the hard stuff. I found some decent lineart for the pilot helmet/gear ... I'm gonna give it a shot
  2. Here's the nose almost finished up, just need to add virtual "decals" once I get access back to my Elint Hasegawa model. I have the base textures for the rest of the body that I can tweak to make Elint friendly I worked on the cockpit a bit adding the handles and building up the main and rear pilot consoles. Before I do any more texturing I need to work on a pilot. It will be my first character model ... only worked on VF-1's Unless anyone has a pilot they are willing to trade for a booster mesh! DG, the second render is of the vernier nozzle and joint.
  3. DG, I haven't had time to tweak this lately but on my next update I'll put the render in. The doors slide/rotate aft into the nose. The pivot point is near the center of the nose cone. I'm not sure how you animated your heatshield to come out from underneath your chest cavity to cover the cockpit glass ... but I used the same mechanics to animate the door on the blister. When rotated back it leaves an opening similar to the socket/opening on the Yamato 1/60 version 1 valks.
  4. DG/Mommar, The texture is from the black band aft. I'm going to work on the area fwd of the black "nose" band soon. The vernier has its own texture I'm just trying to get the UVW coords set back up. Even though it looks smooth it is 3 pieces ... the leg joint door, vernier housing and lens. I also have some weathering for the orange section
  5. Had to relearn texturing this weekend ... and Photoshop. Got the nose section going though.
  6. Is this available for download anywhere yet? In PDF or some other format? Other artwork books are on many sites I just haven't found this one yet ...
  7. Copy that ... since there is very little out there in the form of official lineart for the Elint I'm trying to stick to what I can recreate from known macross mechanics. Having armor swivel on a flat surface 180 degrees doesn't exist anywhere else I know of? Seeing the lineart of the extending "elbow" joint of the antenna and actually rotating it in 3D and seeing how it aligns perfectly seems more true to the intent of the design. The joint, by design in the lineart and Hasegawa representation, is offset and features a swivel on the elbow and antenna head. This seems much more realistic than the swivel on a flat surface. I think Yamato may have made the swivel to help w/ toy production limitations. If there is canon support for the swivel I'd like to see it! I'm not that inflexible and enjoy finding new references.
  8. Spent some time re-rigging the model after collapsing it to basic objects to help w/ the complete rework. Still some detail work to do and import. Heat shield is off my VF-1S so the there's clipping and I have shoulder joints to try figure out again. These are things I didn't notice until xforming this bad boy
  9. @mickyg Since you ask I never got too wrappd up on the intake fans since they would be turned by the turbine shaft (attached to the core) anyway. I figured there was some heavy duty u-joints/couplings that connected the fan assembly to the core in the legs/nacelles. At least in my mind thats how I see it. Not sure if the engines are "air breathers" anyways. My biggest mechanical hurdle has always been the legs attaching to the nose and proper shoulder/joint rotation and engagement. "Cover panels" to cap of gaps I think are just a matter of preference and easy to mock up. The xform mechanics are the pain in my opinion. Good discussion though. @DG 242K w/out boosters ... thats crazy close.
  10. 312K w/out my hands and landing gear mesh
  11. DG, this Elint started off as a way to knock the cobwebs off my skills I'm going to save the major overhaul for the VF-1S Strike. I might import the mesh if it comes out good on this project, but we'll see. My only major complaint w/ either variant is the dead space between the intakes/behind the head and the narrowness of the arms. The Elint masks that space w/ all the equipment she has. When I get the Strike back up we can do some ortho views in standard poses to see the differences. I like that the Strike armor disguises the anorexia that plagues a naked Hasegawa based VF-1 Anyone have scans of the 1/48 Hasegawa assembly manual?
  12. Using Max, never tried any other software. Here's the near final mesh. I just need to fix up gaps and some global scaling (arms look too skinny in battroid). I'll post some poses soon and get to work on texturing this weekend!
  13. Ha, soon DG ... I got the armature done for the dish, reshaped the tail fins for the ELINT/Ostrich configuration, reworked the chest and back since the Elint doesnt have the "notch" where the neck/head is on reg battroids. When doing the chest I mocked up the head and it was tiny! Resized it away from Hasegawa 1/72 proportions to Yamato 1/60ish. Not alot of immediately apparant updates but the mesh is coming along. Just have arm armor left to model then I'll clean it up and post some poses in diff modes while I work on texturing.
  14. Hey Dat! Good to see you around here too. The kind words are what keeps this going Attached are two new renders, same scene but one w/ the cockpit open. Remodeled the whole nose section (had to adjust gear well, make room for two seats, new canopy, new gear doors w/ bump in it for gear that doesn't swing all the way up). Modeled the head and finished the antenna so it can be "stored" on ground. I think the worst part is over
  15. I have the Yamato Elint and Hasegawa model but can't recall (they are packed away) if it swivels or not. All my lineart shows the pivot at the upper most segment near the fuselage and a "sliding joint" in the arm of the antenna. http://www.macrossworld.com/macross/models/hasegawa/haseve1/Has_VE1_Extra.jpg ... for reference from the Hasegawa kit.
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