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  1. Bumpity Bump Make me an offer. I want this stuff gone. I'd hate to have to go to ebay.
  2. I'll be adding as I go. I've only sold a few things on here but I have bought a bunch. I'm not on the SS list though, I haven't had enough transactions to earn that. 4% for paypal, plus shipping. Feel free to make me an offer or if something seems too crazy. Delta: VF-31J DX Hayate $280 Purchased from @Duymon already panel lined. It looks amazing and pictures don't do it justice. I never transformed it. Accessories are still in the bag, the pilot is in the seat though. Frontier: 2 broken VF-171 - $150 Purchased off here. Shoulder triangles replaced with shapeways parts. Chest hinges, as pictured below, are broken. Other than that... the boxes are complete, all accessories are still in the bags. They function fine in each mode, however don't expect to play with them. Fighter mode is most stable. One of them has a broken tab next to the shoulder piece, imaged below. VF-171EX Alto version - $200 Never transformed. Removed from box to deploy landing gear and set in my detolf. All accessories are still in their bags. 7 VF-19 Fire Valkyrie - Yamato version - $200 Transformed once into battroid, returned to fighter to put back in the box. VF-19P Zola Patrol - $350 Never transformed. Purchased off Yahoo Japan. 100% complete. vf-17S and Super parts (separate boxes, not the combined release) - $250 Transformed once, displayed in fighter mode. One screw cover missing. Otherwise in excellent condition. Yamato VF-1S Roy, Super/Strike Parts $275 Excellent condition. Bought used, both. Displayed together. Stickers had been applied to the valk, but untouched on the strike parts. Robotech Masterpiece Cyclones - Scott(#892) and Rand (#491) - $400 each Both were purchased new. Scott was transformed and displayed. Rand was not transformed, but displayed. VF-25 Renewal - Sold VF-31S -Sold
  3. I totally forgot about the olympics! thankfully that is in the summer. I would probably visit during the fall or spring. for me summers are for camping and drinking in lakes and kayaking.
  4. My wife and I are thinking of heading to Tokyo for a vacation within the next year. Would there happen to be anyone living in Japan on this forum? I've got lots of questions and would love to meet up with a fellow fan.
  5. Any news on if they will make the blowsperior? Or the red one?
  6. Just received my vf-31 from @Duymon It looks great, thanks!
  7. @OptionZero just came through with a smooth transaction. It was exactly as described, in great condition, and well packed.
  8. Had my first transaction here with Eugimon. Great packing, great prices, great communication. All around a smooth and fantastic transaction.
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