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  1. Nice! Now I just need to figure out if I want to sell mine.
  2. Thanks. The few listed on eBay were around $600 on up. Not sure how realistic those prices are.
  3. I haven't had luck finding any recent sold prices on a Yamato VF-19P. It's been forever since I attempted to sell stuff, and I got rusty on my google-fu.
  4. Bumpity Bump Make me an offer. I want this stuff gone. I'd hate to have to go to ebay.
  5. All items are still available, I am open to best offers. If items seem high compared to market, please let me know as I'm not constantly checking and I know things change.
  6. I'll be adding as I go. I've only sold a few things on here but I have bought a bunch. I'm not on the SS list though, I haven't had enough transactions to earn that. 4% for paypal, plus shipping. Feel free to make me an offer or if something seems too crazy. Delta: VF-31J DX Hayate $280 Purchased from @Duymon already panel lined. It looks amazing and pictures don't do it justice. I never transformed it. Accessories are still in the bag, the pilot is in the seat though. Frontier: 2 broken VF-171 - $150 Purchased off here. Shoulder triangles replaced
  7. I totally forgot about the olympics! thankfully that is in the summer. I would probably visit during the fall or spring. for me summers are for camping and drinking in lakes and kayaking.
  8. My wife and I are thinking of heading to Tokyo for a vacation within the next year. Would there happen to be anyone living in Japan on this forum? I've got lots of questions and would love to meet up with a fellow fan.
  9. It's all good guys. We'll see if I manage to sell any of the stuff here before shuffling off to that other terrible site.
  10. I have nothing to compare it to. it is just a rubber suit over an articulated body. Because of the height I had to display mine in a kneeling position and never changed it. when I put it back in the box I didn't notice any cracking or wearing, but that is bound to happen if it gets played with. One good thing is that I got mine new from hlj and it had very minimal movement.
  11. Updated. Added a few things. Adjusted some prices. I am open to offers, because soon this stuff will end up on ebay.
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