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  1. Nothing will ever beat the "Thunder Hummer" for me.
  2. Bar81

    VF-1 Thunder Hummer

    It certainly do - nice work on the gold visor
  3. I hope so because I avoided that yellowish mess that Yamato crapped out the first time. My body (and wallet) are ready.
  4. Great to see some 1/48 love as well as their siblng, the beautiful VF-0A with matching ghost booster.
  5. The fees are also a killer as well as shipping cost twice, once from seller to proxy and the second time from the proxy to you. And the proxies use a horrible conversion Y-$ rate so they get you there as well. Typically, ebay is cheaper for a lot of stuff once you add in all that, but sometimes the stuff you want is only on YAJ.
  6. I'm pretty sure they realized that but a little thing called gravity was probably more important
  7. Some countries just rake your over the coals. Here in the U.A.E. it's a reasonable 5% if the value is over $250. Europe I hear though is ridiculous.
  8. Really clean. Better than anything that would have been done officially.
  9. Feel your pain bro. I hate it when they do crap like that. I'm not quite sure why it's so hard for sellers to figure out their stock situation.
  10. Bought two more; I think I'm *finally* done (maybe)
  11. That's mine - new 1/48 Thunder Hammer Valk - price not to be discussed due to sticker shock (puts all of the above to shame )
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