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  1. Pre-ordered @ HLJ !!. No second thoughts required !
  2. Confirmed: VF-31S on Mikumo's livery expected to be issued on February 19th. Details on this one as follows: ... and for the 1:48-scale lovers, the Max/Milia's VF-1J re-issue should be re-issued on February 7th. Well, with this VF-31 series on Walkure's colors concluded, my hopes for new, fresh designs starts getting high for March.
  3. You, me and a lot of other fellows over here are in love with the -19 !! It was a great explanation what you gave here, btw. Hasegawa should be taking notes. I'd join you on the shopping spree for -19 variants as well.
  4. Hasegawa's announcement for January's production just came out. No new Macross items to pre-order though. The VF-0A/S w/ ghost and the SV-51 w/ Twinboosters will be -reissued and out on January 20th / 23rd.
  5. Box art for the VF-31S is officially out !
  6. At last !!!!!. I've been waiting for this one and it finally shows up !. Release date: October 18th.
  7. First Pics of the built VF-31S are out !
  8. Agree and agree... I'd be OK with new stuff from Delta: supers, armored, etc., etc., but I'd be also great to see a departure from the -31 and the Sv-262 stuff, and see some focus put on fresh out-of-CAD products (i.e. VF-171s, -17s, -29, armored -25s, tornadoed -25s, etc., etc.). Just my 2 personal cents...
  9. Unfortunately it's confirmed. No stowed mode (well... depending on the accuracy of Google's trans-googling Hasegawa's web entry)
  10. ... official pics from Hasegawa's website. The radome cannot fold back to a pod and stow between the legs/engines, as expected.
  11. Tenjin's boxart is out !... and it looks great !
  12. That is really m****d up, Hasegawa !!.
  13. Surprisingly ahead of their usual time, Hasegawa already uploaded pictures of the Kaname's colorful bird.
  14. Awesome box art from Tenjin Hidetaka, as usual !. I'm not into these colorful variants but have to agree they look great. Also, The paint/decal job on the pilot figure looks very detailed. On a side note, I'm actually surprised they 'forced' Hayate to wear a helmet this time. Always criticized the custom no-helmet EX-Gear rigging, as high-Gs pulling without a pressurized oxygen airflow is really hard to digest.
  15. Coming with a Superpacked -31S might go against Hasegawa's genuine double-dipping trend though. But they already went against it with the Dual-Lil'Drakened -31F. I was surprised seeing Messer's bird being issued with the add-ons prior to its barebone form.
  16. Yeeeaaahhh !!!. Finally we get new content (purportedly excluding the livery-optional items) !. Both new items are now available for pre-order @ HLJ already !. https://hlj.com/1-72-scale-vf-31e-siegfried-chuck-use-macross-delta-hsg65849 https://hlj.com/1-72-scale-vf-31f-siegfried-kaname-buccaneer-color-macross-delta-the-movie-hsg65850 Always wondered about the way Chuck bird's radome would be tackled. Liked the outcome. Now we're pending to see Arad's bird... with Superpacks on... maybe?
  17. @Seto Kaiba and @jvmacross, thank you for for the insight and images. No new hardware (except for the RMS-3, if applicable, as I don't recall seeing it mentioned in previous books), but couldn't help notice weapons from earliest to latest generations (except the heavyweight PaCSWS/ACSWS items) are being listed for the VF-11. I'm afraid I'll be putting a lot of burden on my phone's transgoogling app as soon as I get the book.
  18. Have mine collecting dust in the HLJ private warehouse, pending shipment consolidation. Does the book have the weapons loadout section ?. Anything interesting ?
  19. Coincidentally, there was a coffee-time debate at the office about new AA-capable UCAV developments like the Boeing's 'Loyal Wingman' project or the Russian 'Okhotnik-B' prototype (both controlled by a 'mother' aircraft), and everybody ended up agreeing about the human factor (i.e. physical strength/resistance) being a sort of hurdle on further achievements like hyper-maneuverability. The ISC idea quickly came to my mind... bringing back the human pilot to the game instead of pushing for more capable unmanned systems.
  20. Yupp, Overtechnology is always the perfect excuse for every out-of-whack numbers analysis. No complaints about it, though, always liked the 'light as a fighter but hard as a MBT'-alike ideas.
  21. Didn't pay attention to it before, but now noticed the "third" wing pylon always loaded with just a single ejector/rail for an AMM-1 instead of the usual triple rack. It seems they'll be covering the extra hardpoint with weight/space limits. A 'disected' gunpod (or both gunpods) would be great !!!!
  22. Actually, even with the forecasted delays, it would greatly surpass the frequency we get new Macross series, so it's still great news. Just an audient's point of view. Drooling time for me until release !!.... and look who is making an appearance !?!?!?
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